Symbols of youth are images or emblems that stand for the young heart. They can represent childhood or those that refuse to grow up in the best ways. You can give them as gifts to anyone or surround yourself with them to bring out your inner child.

Symbols of Youth

18 Symbols of Youth to Put a Spring in Your Step

1. Rising Sun

The rising sun is a symbol of youth and represents new life. It is a symbol of life and the youthfulness of a new day, whereas dusk symbolizes the end of life or old age.

2. Apple of Discord

The apple of discord is a saying now, but it was once a faithful tale in Greek mythology. It was a symbol of an apple thrown in the midst of a wedding when Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera fought over who was the most youthful and beautiful.

3. Side Braid

The side braid was also known as the sidelock of youth in Egypt. It was a hairstyle that signified one was an heir of Osiris and was only worn by children.

4. Hebe

Hebe is the Greek goddess of youth, the daughter of Hera and Zeus. It was believed she had influence over eternal youth, a power that only she possessed.

5. Dandelion

The dandelion is a symbol of youth as it represents hope and optimism. One can wish on a dandelion in hopes of their wish coming true, a youthful mindset.

6. Primrose

The primrose is a symbol of youth. The literal translation of the name is “early,” which is a similar word to youth. It represents young love, grace, and the natural stages of life.

7. Hibiscus

The hibiscus flower is a symbol of youth that literally translates into marshmallow. A silly word that represents the charm and whimsical nature of a young person.

8. White

White is the primary color of youth due to the innocence and purity it represents. It also stands for changes in life that are new and fresh, much like the changes youth go through.

9. Butterfly

Butterflies are symbols of youth due to the transitions they go through. Children are caterpillars enjoying life, unaware of the transformation they will go through as they reach adolescence.

10. Eagle

The eagle is a common symbol of youth. At one time, it was believed that eagles had the rejuvenating power of the phoenix. Today, they represent the independence that people at this age begin to feel.

11. Pisces

Pisces is the youngest star sign and, thus a symbol of youth. They are the Peter Pan of signs that want to live each day of life to its fullest.

12. Aries

Aries are a symbol of youth that tread forth with determination in everything they do. They are the first star sign and yet the fullest of energy.

13. Crib

The crib is a symbol of youth that was adopted by Christmas as a way to protect young ones from evil spirits. It now represents a youthfulness to hold onto.

14. Egg

Eggs are symbols of youth in many religions. They represent the unknown future for a young person and the new life they may soon breed.

15. Stars

Stars are symbols of youth. They are common tattoos in many cultures for young people who want to maintain their youthful hearts.

16. Circles

The circle is another shape that is a symbol of youth. They represent society and community, how we can all join hands and create a new bond without the division seen in other shapes.

17. Summer

Summer represents youth while spring represents infanthood. The season of summer is full of good vibes and friendship.

18. Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger is a pirate symbol of youth used by young people today. It represents a life of adventure and enjoying the one life we have to live on earth.

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