Symbols of immortality can make you feel youthful and on top of the world. They are signs and emblems seen in nature, history, and religion. Immortality is something that humans have sought after for thousands of years, and to this day, that hasn’t changed. But immortality can be elusive.

Symbols of Immortality

20 Symbols of Immortality to Give Life

1. Tithonus

Tithonus is the god of immortality in Greek Mythology. He is a prince of Troy and lover of Eos, who was given extra life at the plea of his lover Eos.

2. Eternal Flame

Now an Olympic symbol, the Eternal Flame belongs to the goddess Hestia. The flame burns forever, through generations and rituals and represents the everlasting life of a family.

3. Moon

The moon is a symbol of immortality. It is home to the goddess Chang’e, who became immortal after drinking an elixir. 

4. North Star

The north star is a symbol of immortality in most religions. Even in Hinduism, it is a sign of Prince Druva, who was guided home by the star.

5. Wreath

The wreath is a Christmas stable that represents immortality due to its shape. It tells us never to let the spirit of Christmas die.

6. Phoenix

The phoenix is an immortality symbol because it comes back to life after it dies. It rises from the ashes stronger than ever in almost every culture.

7. Peach

In China, the peach is a gift from the gods, which can grant immortality. It provides health and longevity to those who eat it.

8. Ouroboros

The snake eating its own tail is a symbol of immortality. It represents transformation, growth, and the endlessness of souls, even when life appears to end.

9. Shouxing

Shouxing is the god of immortality in Chinese astronomy, as they believe he controls the human life span. In a way, he’s Father Time in astronomy.

10. Tree of Life

The Tree of Life represents immortality and the afterlife. Though different cultures give it different meanings, it is most commonly a sign of the cycle of life.

11. Reishi Mushroom

The Reishi Mushroom is called the mushroom of immortality. They have healing properties and can even extend the life of those who eat them.

12. Pear

The pear is considered sacred because it is linked to immortality. In Sanskrit, it’s ‘Amrita Phalam,’ or the “Fruit of Immortality.” 

13. Circle

Though not specific, the circle has no beginning or end, which is why it is a symbol of the ring in marriage. Many other symbols gain inspiration from circles because of their significance. 

14. Ankh

The Egyptian symbol of life is the Ankh. It represents immortality and all things spiritual, making it one of the most common emblems for jewelry, tattoos, and decor.

15. Infinity

The infinity symbol is a common sign of immortality. It can symbolize an endless amount of anything, including life. 

16. Coral

The rough coral at the bottom of the sea represents fertility and immortality. It has a long life and is difficult to break down, living up to 5000 years.

17. Nyame Nnwu na Mawu

Nyame Nnwu na Mawu is an Adrinka symbol of immortality. It means “God won’t die for me to die.” In short, because we are created in his image and he cannot die, so we cannot die.

18. Kalasha

A kalasha is a metal pot that is considered sacred in Hinduism. It is used for many rituals and symbolizes eternal life.

19. Shou

Shou is a Chinese symbol of longevity. It is a blessing in the Chinese culture used to encourage good health, prosperity, and a natural death without trauma. 

20. Knot of Eternity

The knot of eternity is a common symbol in many cultures. It does not have a beginning or end, which is what many see as a similarity to the soul.

Flower Symbols of Immortality

  • Amaranth – the flower’s name means “immortal.”
  • Wisteria – because they can live to be over 1000 years old, they symbolize longevity and immortality
  • Xerochrysum – meaning “dry gold,” this flower symbolizes immortality
  • Gomphrena – can last for years when dried, giving it the symbolism
  • Celosia – the name means “burning,” but it symbolizes immortal friendships 
  • Tradescantia – an important flower of immortality that forms a spider web when cut

Animal Symbols of Immortality

  • Scarab – the dung beetle was believed to be the perfect representation of the immortality of the life cycle because the Egyptians believed it laid its eggs in the dung it rolled
  • Jellyfish – one of the few biologically immortal beings, the jellyfish is a majestic creature. 
  • Tortoise – because they can live for hundreds of years, tortoises represent immortality. 
  • Peacock – a symbol of immortality connected to the goddess Hera
  • Tardigrade – the animal most likely to survive an apocalypse, this creature can even be frozen and still survive without food

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