Symbols of jealousy represent envy and the feeling of insecurity that brings it about. They can be animals, flowers, or ancient runes that were the original representations of jealousy. These symbols can be used to combat jealous feelings and turn them into something good.

Symbols of Jealousy

11 Jealousy Symbols to Gain Confidence

1. Fofo Plant

The Fofo Plant is an Andrinka symbol of jealousy and not a real plant. It is a sign of a jealous nature that leads to sinfulness.

2. Thorn Bush

The thorn bush represents jealousy because it is a harmful part of something beautiful. Jealousy can transform someone into something they don’t want to be.

3. Pthonus

Pthonus is a Greek god of envy and jealousy. He was particularly concerned with romantic jealousy via his many wives.

4. Broken Mirror

Broken mirrors represent jealousy. When we look in the mirror, we can gain clarity. But if we fool ourselves or are overcome with negative emotions, we may experience spiritual fragmentation.

5. Evil Eye

The evil eye is a curse by those who feel jealous. It is represented by a menacing eye that wants harm to come to others.

6. Spider Web

The spider web represents dishonesty and jealousy. Because we can get so caught up in both that we lose ourselves and are trapped in our self-created mess.

7. Dark Cloud

Dark clouds represent jealousy because they both hover over your life and cast shadows over the light. This is a good way to recognize jealousy, as it will feel like a dark cloud.

8. Hydra

The hydra is a reptilian creature in mythology with many heads. It represents jealousy in the way that it is difficult to curb. The hydra’s heads grow back unless cut off all at once or cauterized.

9. Leviathan

Leviathan is a sea serpent seen in many cultures and religions. This 300-mile-long creature represents jealousy in the seven deadly sins.

10. Dagger

Daggers have many meanings, with jealousy being one of them. We can use jealousy as a weapon at times and hurt others even if we don’t mean to.

11. Fire

Fire is used to show someone is burning with envy. Aside from pure passion, fire symbolizes negative and harmful emotions.

Flowers That Symbolize Jealousy

  • Hyacinth – the number one flower of jealousy. But it must be yellow because purple means forgiveness.
  • Marigolds – sweet flowers that symbolize jealousy because of their color.
  • Yellow Rose – traditionally a flower you send to someone you dislike.

Animal Symbols Of Jealousy

  • Dog – loyal but possessive creatures who don’t want their owners to interact with other dogs.
  • Snake – often seen as an evil reptile who symbolizes envy and lust.
  • Scorpion – a small but deadly creature that represents pain and envy.
  • Vulture – these birds are hyper-focused on their goals, stalking their prey and participating in a jealous hierarchy.
  • Rat – if called a rat, it likely means that person is jealous and they lie.

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