Symbols of respect are exhibits of regard and appreciation. They make wonderful gifts for those you respect or emblems for you to surround yourself with when you want to feel respectful or respected.

Symbols of Respect

9 Universal Symbols of Respect

1. Heart

The heart is a symbol of respect, especially when a hand is holding it. Though it can be seen as a sing of vulnerability, it actually represents a humane sense of respect.

2. Bow

Bowing is a symbol of respect in almost every culture. In some areas, it is necessary, and in others, it’s an additional symbol of respect.

3. Crown

The crown is a royal symbol of respect. This is authoritative respect but can also represent how you feel about someone, letting them know you value them.

4. Emerald

The emerald is a crystal of respect. It represents deep emotional respect as well as encourages integrity and loyalty.

5. Handshake

Handshakes are symbols of respect in most countries. Even when it’s not, it is still recognized because of how universal clasped hands are and the feeling associated with them.

6. Rainbow

Rainbows are a symbol of respect across cultures. Though they have many meanings, they always represent respect for who someone else decides to be without judgment.

7. Nod or Tipping Hat

Nodding your head or tipping your head is a common symbol of respect. This is a show of respect more than a deep admiration based on the qualities or actions of the other person.

8. Red

Red is the color of respect and admiration. It is a passionate color representing many deep feelings, and respect is one of those. However, the person you are giving a red gift to must know it is because you respect them, as other meanings may be interpreted.

9. Monstera

The monstera plant is a symbol of respect. In Chinese culture, especially, the plant is a sign of honor and respect. In fact, it is a common gift for elderly people and others who you respect as a person and for what they’ve accomplished in life.

Flowers That Symbolize Respect

  • Camellia – the pure flower represents many feelings, especially respect. They come in any colors, but white is the most common for respect.
  • Bluebell Flower – the sweet blue flower stands for humility and respect, which can go hand in hand.
  • Daffodil – the yellow flower is a friendly flower to show respect for those you’re fond of.
  • Orchid – this flower, especially purple ones, represents all types of respect.
  • Iris – the Iris flower is named after the goddess Iris, the goddess of communication and sometimes respect.

Animal Symbols of Respect

  • Buffalo – the down-to-earth animal represents freedom and respect for all living things.
  • Mountain Lion – the cougar is a highly respected animal that symbolizes this regard.
  • Elephant – these large creatures are noble and loyal, representing familial respect.
  • Skunk – these often stinky creatures have well-respected space, lacking physical strength but making up for it with their other traits.
  • Tiger – like cougars, tigers are symbols of respect, especially in Chinese culture.

Ancient Symbols of Respect

  • Eternal Knot – the Tibetan symbol has many meanings, but respect is one of the strongest.
  • Thyme – the herb was used in Rome for medicinal purposes but soon became one to represent respect for soldiers.
  • Cross – a Christian symbol of respect, honor, and love.
  • Scepter – a symbol of power and demand of respect.

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