Symbols of motherhood represent the bond between mother and child. They make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day or to show your mother that you care. Mothers may also want to surround themselves with these symbols to connect deeper to their nurturing nature.

Symbols of Motherhood

20 Symbols of Motherhood To Nurture

1. Taweret

Tawaret is a hippo goddess who represents the protective spirit of a mother. She is the goddess of fertility and life.

2. Lakshmi Yantra

Lakshmi Yantra is the Hindi goddess of prosperity, wealth, and comfort. She bestows the needs of men in a way that a mother might.

3. Gaia

Gaia is the goddess of Earth. It is another name for Mother Hearth in many cultures, specifically Greek.

4. Atabey

Atabey is the ancestral mother of the Taino. The word is often used to describe everything that we see or feel.

5. Triskele

The holy spiral known as triskele has many meanings. One of those is that one of the legs represents motherhood.

6.  Mother’s Knot

The trinity knot is a traditional sign of motherhood. It represents the endless love a mother has for her children and their unbreakable bond.

7.  Triple Goddess

The triple goddess is a Neopagan deity that represents motherhood. She is the goddess of the moon, earth, and childbirth.

8. Crow Mother Kachina

Crow Mother Kachina is the material leader of the Whipper Kachinas. She is a crow goddess that nurtures and leads.

9.  Carnation

Carnations are a universal symbol of motherhood. They represent love and enteral devotion to one’s family.

10. Parvati

Parvati is a mother goddess of purity, fertility, and beauty. She has many of the ideal traits of a mother.

11. Yemaya

Yemaya is an African goddess of motherhood and the sea. She represents Mother Earth, who is believed to have given us life.

12. Turtle

Turtles are symbols of motherhood because they sometimes carry their young ones on their back. However, the turtle does not care for its young in most cases.

13. Mary

Mother Mary is the Christian symbol of motherhood. As the mother of Jesus, she is often seen as the mother of us all.

14. Frigg

Frigg is the goddess of motherhood and fertility. She represents motherly love with three children of her own and a stepmother to eight more.

15. Venus

Venus represents femininity and fertility. She is connected to all things that represent women, including motherhood.

16. Bear

Bears are creatures that care greatly for their young. They represent this protective nature.

17. Goose

The term mother goose means old wives’ tales. But mother geese doc are for their young, keeping them warm under her wing.

18. Cactus Flower

In southwestern states in the USA, the cactus flower represents motherhood. It is a common flower for Mother’s Day.

19. Tapuat

The maze-like symbol Tapuat represents Mother Earth. It is a symbol of birth and the connection between mother and child.

20. Chalice

In the Catholic faith, the chalice often represents mothers who understand trials and tears. Both are kept safe in the chalice.

Flowers Symbols of Motherhood

  • Carnation – carnations are the number one flower for mothers. They symbolize love, beauty, and purity.
  • Bluebell – bluebells are sweet, calm flowers that bloom just in time for Mother’s Day.
  • Azalea – azaleas symbolize womanhood in China and have unique meanings in other cultures.
  • Daisy – daisies symbolize innocence and joy. They are perfect for sharing joy with your mother.
  • Tulip –  springtime flowers that represent happiness and comfort.
  • Lily – lilies have many meanings, but generally represent the traits of a mother.

Gemstone Symbols of Motherhood

  • Amethyst – a stone many mothers are drawn to because it amplifies motherly energy.
  • Moonstone – moonstones are feminine stones that can help one through childbirth.
  • Aquamarine – aquamarine helps calm the mind of mothers.
  • Rose or Pure Quartz – both of these quartz stones represent the love, devotion, and unconditional love that mothers feel.

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