Symbols of honesty are signs that represent transparency and truth. They can encourage those around you to be truthful and help you better know yourself. But before you do, you must learn what honesty means and how it can benefit you.

Symbols of Honesty

16 Symbols of Honesty to Set You Free

1. Dara Knot

The Dara Knot is a Celtic symbol of strength and truth. It’s all about integrity, as it resembles the strong oak tree whose roots run deep and unwavering.

2. Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass is a symbol of truth. It sheds light and a deeper look at issues that are not apparent to the naked eye.

3. Circle

The circle stands for integrity and unity. There is nowhere to hide in a circle, encouraging transparency and working together to overcome differences.

4. Compass

The compass is a common sign of honesty. It shows us which way to go and never changes. We can always trust the compass, even when modern machines and satellites fail.

5. Plum

The plum is a sign of honesty in Asia. This fruit can even grow in the winter, not giving up on anyone as it stays true to itself and the path it has chosen to benefit others.

6. Kola Nut

The Kola Nut is an African symbol of honesty. It is common among the Adkrinka people as a sign of friendship full of life as the nut has abundant caffeine.

7. Bamboo

Bamboo symbolizes honesty and strength. It is strong, resourceful, and flexible. All of these are required to be honest and care for others.

8. Zibu Honesty Symbol

The Zibu emblem is a symbol made up of a simple artistic emblem. They are Reiki spiritual symbols that grant positive and targeted energies to those who use them.

9. Djed Pillar

The Egyptian Djed Pillar is a symbol of honesty. It represents stability and the importance of having a strong foundation of truth so as not to compromise the integrity of buildings.

10. Palm

The open palm is a symbol of honesty and sincerity. When one opens their palm, it means they are being vulnerable and want to trust the person they are with. When one hides their palms, it means they don’t feel comfortable.

11. Eye

The eye is used in many cultures to represent truth and justice. An eye can see all and is not blind to the lies people tell themselves.

12. Ailm

The Ailm is the 16th letter of the Celtic alphabet, symbolizing integrity and wholeness. It suggests heightened consciousness and clarity.

13. Mirror

The mirror is a symbol of honesty. No matter what we feel or think, the mirror doesn’t lie. It only shows what is real and physical.

14. Flaming Chalice

The flaming chalice is a unitarian symbol of truth. It stands for the journey we must take to uncover the truth.

15. Open Lock

An open lock is a symbol of honesty and transparency. It’s a sign that you want to open yourself up to people who care about you.

15. Blue

Blue is the color that symbolizes honesty. It is a common color in marketing because it means trustworthy, loyal, and wise in psychology. People are drawn to blue because it makes them feel safe and like the brand is honest.

Flowers That Symbolize Honesty

  • Lunaria – the flower is literally transparent.
  • Daffodil – this yellow flower symbolizes the promise of a better future and the melting away of that which covers the truth.
  • Orchid – this sweet flower represents strength and integrity in China. Even when no one is near, the orchid grows just the same.
  • Gladiolus – the flower represents the truthful and brave gladiator.
  • Lotus – a symbol of integrity in China that can blossom through anything.

Animals That Are Symbols Of Honesty

  • Moose – the large creature stands for bravery and transparency. As a totem animal, it grants clarity and good character.
  • Eagle – this bird is a symbol of freedom and integrity. It can see better than most, spotting the truth at every turn.
  • Giraffe – the tall animal can see everything, leaving nothing uncovered.
  • Lion – an important cultural animal is a strong symbol of strength and integrity.
  • Rooster – this bird is one of courage and honesty in many cultures.
  • Swan – they are symbols of purity and integrity in Hinduism. They grow up to let their true and pure colors show.
  • Peacock – in India, this bird symbolizes integrity and honesty. He is true blue.

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