Symbols of wealth are signs that represent prosperity and good monetary fortune. They are gifts to wish well on someone or by a higher power as a sign of good fortune to come. So you may wish to surround yourself with these in hopes of manifesting the fortune.

Symbols Of Wealth

20 Symbols Of Wealth And Fortune

1. Gemstones

Gemstones often represent wealth. From diamonds to citrine, most gems have a meaning of wealth. The type of wealth the stones represent differs depending on the gem.

2. Pretzel

The German pretzel represents wealth, longevity, and good luck. They are believed to provide both spiritual and physical sustenance.

In Germany, they were once pretiolas, which means “little rewards.” The pretiolas were handed out by monks to students who recited prayers properly.

3. Cornucopia

The cornucopia has stood for wealth since Ancient Roman times. The horn filled with what was reaped from the harvest symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Original cornucopias are objects of goat horns in Rome and were purposely overflown to represent the plentiful harvest.

4. Conch Shell

In Indian cultures, the conch shell is for in the northeast corner of the room for good fortune. This fortune includes wisdom and good wealth.

In Hindu culture, the conch is a shankha and it is used in rituals as a horn that brings fame, longevity, and prosperity. It also has the power to cleanse and please the goddess Lakshmi.

5. Midas Star

The unique Midas Star stands for prosperity. The symbol is believed to bring financial wealth into your life.

Certainly, this makes sense, given Midas can turn anything into gold. Though Midas is a Greek entity, the Midas Star is a Reiki symbol of fortune.

6. Pelmeni Dumplings

In many cultures, including Russia, dumplings are eaten at New Year’s to give good fortune. Given that, the dumplings are shaped like coin purses for that reason.

They also serve a practical purpose because they are easy to store and keep healthy in the winter without attracting wild animals. Because of this, they kept the people of Siberia fed well in the 14th century and beyond.

7. Maneki Neko

The Maneki Neko is a symbol of wealth in Japan. It decorates Japanese shops and restaurants in other parts of the world.

The lucky cat is the “beckoning cat,” with an arm to “beckon” customers to bring owners good business. In general, one with a left arm raised is for getting customers while the right arm is to get more money.

8. Lentils

An Italian symbol of wealth is lentils. The coin-shaped legume is believed to bring wealth to those who eat it.

So, people eat lentils on New Year’s for good fortune. The more lentils they eat, the better their new year will be.

9. Chan Chu and Lu

Chan Chu is a money frog that is a common symbol of wealth in China. Especially in ancient China, Lu is a symbol that decorates coins and more.

Legends say that the frog is the wife of an old businessman who received the Elixir of Mortality. The wife was envious of her husband and was punished for attempting to steal the elixir by being turned into a frog and sentenced to eternity as such.

10. Oranges

Oranges symbolize good wealth because they were once only affordable to the wealthy. Given as gifts at Christmas and birthdays, oranges are still a positive sign of wealth.

11. Four-Leaf Clover

An Irish symbol of wealth is the four-leaf clover. As you probably already know, this lucky plant has made its way across the world and is now recognized by most. Only one in 5000 clovers have four leaves, making finding one a true strike of fortune.

12. Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and power. It is believed she has power over all of the wealth, especially monetary. There are many tales regarding Lakshmi, most of them regarding her power of prosperity.

13. Black-Eyed Peas

Black-Eyed Peas are eaten on New Year’s in America to bring wealth all year. Many believe that if you eat them, you’ll eat well that year. The tradition began during the Civil War to bring a lighthearted tradition and a symbol of thanks that there was good on the table in the winter.

14. Grapes

At midnight on New Year’s, Mexicans eat 12 grapes as fast as they can. Rapidly eating the grapes is said to bring wealth all twelve months that year. It is ideal to earth the grapes before 12:01 for the best results.

15. The FA Rune

The FA Rune is from the Nordic alphabet and is believed to bring wealth. Therefore, the symbol can also grant honor from a higher power. In some areas, the rune means “cattle” or “livestock” which is a very good thing considering it is a livelihood and sustenance.

16. Key

Keys are symbols of wealth in Greece. The type of wealth varies, but it often considers social wealth most important. Only the wealthy in ancient Greece had locks on their doors and chests, leaving keys out of the hands of the poor.

17. Kuber Yantra

Kuber is the god of wealth. Therefore, if one follows Kuber, the yantra granted is meant to bring wealth in a way that ensures followers will never struggle. There is a special intricate symbol one may use to manifest the god, also Kuber Yantra.

18. Shooting Star

Shooting stars are said to bring any wish the user casts upon them. This can be a wonderful sign of wealth, with the type of wealth being of your choosing. The origins of the belief are unknown but it is now well-appreciated across the world.

19. Money Eye Emoji

To reach a younger crowd, the money eye emoji is a great choice to represent wealth. It can be for many situations to grant or wish wealth on the recipient.

20. Horseshoe

The horseshoe is a classic sign of luck and wealth. The symbol has been a good luck charm since pre-1000.

There are many ways to hang it to control your wealth. Over a doorway is ideal but whether it should be horns up or down is debatable.

Flower Symbols of Wealth

  • Lotus – represents many fortunes, one of which is good wealth
  • Narcissus – used in the new year to offer abundant wealth
  • Alstroemeria – flowers that symbolize wealth and prosperity
  • Orchid – another New Year’s flower that symbolizes luxury and luck
  • Peony – sweet, long-living flowers that stand for longevity and prosperity

Animal Symbols of Wealth

  • Salmon – a Native American symbol of wealth
  • Ox – a Chinese symbol of wealth that is lucky
  • Deer – a source of great sustenance and, thus, wealth in America
  • Horse – common symbols of wealth in Greece
  • Frog – a three-legged frog is a Fen Shui symbol of wealth
  • Elephant – if the trunk points up, it’s a symbol of wealth and good fortune

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