Symbols of loyalty are signs that represent faithfulness and dedication. They make great gifts to show your devotion. But if you feel a connection to them, it’s because you have a loyal heart and deserve that in return.

Symbols of Loyalty

20 Symbols Of Loyalty And Devotion

1. Key

Keys have been symbols of loyalty since at least the Middle Ages. During this time, keys were for those who were trusted and loyal to the cities, which were locked at night. Today, they are for ceremonies and in relationships to show devotion.

2. Claddagh

The Claddaugh is a symbol of loyalty displayed by two hands holding a crowned heart. It’s an old Irish symbol with many legends of love and dedication attached to it.

3. Pikorua

The ancient Maori Pikoura is a symbol of loyalty. The twisty emblem symbolizes the unwavering connection between two people or two groups.

4. Sunflower

Sunflowers are symbols of loyalty. They always look to the sun, showing their devotion to it daily. At night, they face toward where the sun will rise in anticipation.

5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums have many meanings, but one of them is loyalty. They are often given as gifts to family members to show devotion to the relationship, no matter how much time you spend together or apart.

6. Forget-Me-Not

The name of the forget-me-not nods to its meaning as a symbol of loyalty. They were often a symbol in Germany to symbolize the true love a knight has for his lady.

7. Veronica

Veronica is named after Saint Veronica, a symbol of loyalty. Both are for devotion, fidelity, and loyalty.

8. Blue

Blue is the only color of loyalty. In addition, there is more trust for businesses that have blue walls than those that don’t. In Medieval times, Coventry used reliable dying methods for a unique blue color. So, if you saw that color, you knew it was good quality and dyed in Coventry.

9. Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, truly devout to their human. They are natural symbols of loyalty and the most common animal companion in the world.

10. Wolf

Wolves symbolize loyalty in many cultures, from Norse to American. These wolves travel in packs, looking after each other and honoring their elders.

11. Elephant

Elephants are symbols of familial loyalty. An elephant never forgets a face, forever trusting those who were kind to them and eternally finding their families, no matter how far away they’ve traveled.

12. Dolphin

Dolphins are known as symbols of loyalty because they can mate for life. Also, they connect with humans, enjoying interactions and teasing them.

13. Taurus

Taurus is the most loyal sign. However, not all people with this astrological sign are loyal. However, the stubbornness of the average Taurus is balanced by their love of loyalty.

14. Libra

Libras are known for their loyalty. This may come from the fact that they are Venus signs. Despite being an air sign, which is known for flightiness, Libras stick to the people they know and trust them.

15. Leo

Leos are loyal to their friends. As much as they love having fun, being liked and letting people know they can be counted on is important to most Leos.

16. Golden Fish

The two golden fish symbol of loyalty is a Tibetan classic. In Buddhism, it represents the connection two have in any type of relationship. The symbol is to demonstrate how they must rely on each other through difficult times.

17. Nyame Nti

The Nyame Nti symbol of loyalty represents trust in God. The Adinkra symbol is a simple fern-like branch, a symbol that God provides for those who are loyal.

18. Chains

Chains are a modern symbol of loyalty all over the world. They represent an unbreakable connection, whether it be a romantic one or a business one.

19. Handshake

The handshake is a modern symbol of loyalty that has been around for centuries. It was traditionally a symbol to prove that one didn’t have a weapon. However, now a handshake is a casual sign of trust.

20. Trust Fall

The trust fall is a modern symbol of loyalty where one falls back and trusts the other partner will catch them. This is useful for relationship coaches, businesses, or friends to prove you’re there for each other.

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