Symbols of integrity are useful tools for those who want to become better. Integrity is an important part of a spiritually and emotionally healthy lifestyle. However, many people are unaware of what integrity really means.

Symbols of Integrity

10 Integrity Symbols That Work

1. Kola Nut 

Kola Nut is a real nut and a symbol of integrity. It contains caffeine and is tied to Adrinka purity, righteousness, and honesty. It fights against rot, a great representation of someone of integrity.

2. Rope

A rope is often graded by integrity. Of course, it is a different type of integrity, but it is similar in the way that they both require strength, conviction, and realism.

3. Dara Knot

The Dara Knot is a Celtic symbol of integrity. It represents inner strength, as seen in the roots of an oak tree that runs deep and strong.

4. Circle

The circle is the strongest shape, giving it physical and mental integrity. It represents unity and the strength it takes to live with integrity despite what’s going on around us.

5. Mirror

The mirror is a symbol of integrity as it encourages us to be self-aware. When we are self-aware, we have more integrity, and it is easier to be honest with ourselves and, thus, others.

6. Glass

Glass represents integrity because it is transparent. Because transparency is such a large factor of integrity, glass is a good representation of the vulnerability it takes to be someone of integrity.

7. Ailm

Ailm is a symbol from the Celtic Alphabet. It represents the pine tree and its integrity, endurance, and mental clarity.

8. Compass

A compass is a good symbol of integrity. It always points north, never wavering from its path, and can even be more reliable than modern-day technology.

9. Plum

Plums are symbols of honesty and integrity. They are hearty plants that can bloom in any season; no matter how harsh the world is, it stays true.

10. Djed Pillar

The Djed Pillar is a symbol of stability and integrity in ancient Egypt. It is straight, sturdy, and can last a lifetime, which also gave it the title “backbone of Osiris.”

Flowers That Symbolize Integrity

  • Gladiolus – a flower that represents the integrity of a gladiator
  • Lunaria – a transparent flower that represents the transparency necessary for integrity
  • Orchid – a lightweight flower of beauty, love, and true integrity
  • Daffodil – a springtime flower that represents rebirth and making it through the harshness of winter

Crystals That Symbolize Integrity

  • Celestite – known for its purifying powers of transparency and integrity
  • Lapis Lazuli – a blue crystal that stands for the third eye chakra, one of integrity and truth
  • Shattuckite – a crystal known for its connection to truth and integrity
  • Azurite – a true blue stone of honesty and integrity
  • Amazonite – a strong gem that represents truth and good vibrations

Plant That Symbolizes Integrity

Bamboo is a symbol of integrity in Chinese culture. It represents beauty, strength, and good moral character. These symbolisms come from its ability to grow fast and steady in most weather, flourishing in any terrain.

Animal Integrity Symbols

  • Peacock – the striking bird symbolizes true blue honesty
  • Swan – a symbol of purity, honesty, and integrity
  • Lion – a symbol of loyalty and strength who stays true
  • Lovebirds – a pair that stays true to each other, another aspect of integrity
  • Moose – a strong animal of deep moral integrity
  • Rooster – an honest and brave bird that always stays true to its path

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