Symbols of contentment are emblems that represent a type of peace gained from living in the present. If we call upon their power, we can use it to find inner peace and joy in everyday life.

Laughing Buddha

16 Symbols of Contentment to Bring You Peace

1. Rain

In Hawaii, rain is associated with peace and contentment. Though other cultures sometimes see rain as a bad sign, they all agree that it stands for fertility and harvest. If you can be happy in the rain, you’ve unlocked a part of inner peace.

2. Gye W’ani

Gye W’ani is an Adrinka symbol that means self-love and enjoying the moment. This sign encourages you to live life to the fullest, even when you’re alone.

3. Goddess Santoshi

Goddess Santoshi is a Hindu goddess of joy. Her contentment comes in a nurturing and mothering way.

4. Ferdinand

Ferdinand the Bull is a happy bull who enjoys every moment in life. He is not a fighter but a chill animal who lives in the present.

5. Broken Arrow

The broken arrow is important to many Native American cultures because it stands for acceptance. It is letting go of the past and maximizing what you have.

6. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and contentment. This type of contentment is spiritual because it is the highest level.

7. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz represents self-love and contentment. If raw, the stone is even more powerful as the flaws have been accepted.

8. Amethyst

Amethyst represents the third-eye chakra and meditation. It grants spiritual clarity and peace to those who harness its power.

9. Padma Mudra

Padma mudra is connected to the heart chakra. To exhibit it, spread your fingers like a lotus flower with your wrists touching one another.

10. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a sweet bear who lives in the moment. He symbolizes tranquility, acceptance, and friendship.

11. Flower Mandalas

Flower mandalas represent many things, including contentment. They are common decor items, making collecting and harnessing energy easy.

12. Stretching

Stretching, especially kneading cats, represents contentment and comfort in a situation. It is the beginning of relaxing.

13. Wunjo Rune

The Wunjo rune is a Norse symbol of acceptance and happiness. It can help you through times in life when you need companionship.

14. Teapot

The teapot represents peace and solitude. This doesn’t mean being alone but spending time together in silent reflection.

15. Oak Tree

The oak tree represents protection and contentment. It is a low-key, strong, stable tree, always there to rely on throughout the years. It is happy to just be without having to show off with bright flowers or textured branches. Instead, it lives its life serving others through practical means.

16. Magenta

Magenta represents contentment. It is between red and violet, oftentimes called a phantom color because it exists only because of how our brains perceive it.

The color magenta is not on the visible spectrum of life, so our brains create the color that belongs between the two existing colors. Contentment often comes from a new perspective as well.

Flowers That Symbolize Contentment

  • Lily – specifically, the day lily represents trading in sorrows for joy and contentment
  • Dogwood – a special flower that is more than meets the eye but represents forgetfulness, or letting go and being content
  • Poppy – another flower that represents letting go, moving on, and being happy at the moment

Animal Contentment Symbols

  • Sugar Glider – this little creature gives you the strength to be yourself and let go
  • Sparrow – a small bird with spiritual meanings of joy and contentment
  • Seahorse – a unique sea animal that reminds us to keep going even when we feel confused
  • Bluebird – one of the happiest bird signs in every culture
  • Cricket – a tiny bug with strong powers of luck and guidance toward a happy life
  • Dolphin – a reminder to connect with others and enjoy life
  • Iguana – a reptile represents balance and contentment in every chapter of life

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