Ocean symbols convey peace and relaxation. They are beneficial symbols for those who want to feel the calming ocean breeze no matter where they are located. There are many ocean meanings and symbols that represent the ocean that you may be interested in.

Ocean Symbols

12 Ocean Symbols To Take A Dive With

1. Whirlpool

Whirlpools are strong ocean symbols. They represent the depth and darkness of the ocean and how powerful it can be. Many mythological gods can create these whirlpools to use as weapons of destruction.

2. Waves

Waves are symbols of the ocean that represent violence and power. They are unpredictable and are a good representation of strong emotions.

3. Sea Salt

Sea salt is a natural sodium occurring in the ocean. Salt represents loyalty, purification, and steadiness. Those who are the salt of the earth deal with things in a peaceful and logical way.

4. Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger is a traditional ocean pirate symbol. Though it has dark origins, it can also be used to represent a type of rebellion to fight against the system.

5. Seashell

Seashells are ocean symbols popular amongst spiritualists and materialists alike. They are the glory of the sea, representing grace, beauty, and elegance. Like snowflakes, no two seashells are alike, giving them even deeper meaning.

6. Shipwreck

While ships can represent the ocean, it is a shipwreck that represents the power of the ocean. While humans caused some sunken shipwrecks, most of them were caused by the ocean itself.

7. Trench

Ocean trenches are long and narrow canals on the ocean floor. They can be thousands of feet deep, with the most famous, the Mariana Trench, being 7 miles deep.

8. Abyss

The abyss is a term for the bottom of the ocean, over 3000 meters below sea level. It’s also the term for a point of no return that no one can survive.

9. Atlantis

Atlantis is a legendary lost city that not many believe in. The fictional city was said to have sunk many years ago when gods became angry at the people who were immoral.

10. Trident

The Trident is an ocean symbol for mythological sea kings. From Nepture to Poseidon, many Greek and Roman gods wield tridents that they can use as a conduit for their powers.

11. Blue

Blue is the color of the sea. It represents the ocean from the shallow seafoam shores to the deep blue seen on the sea floor. The color blue also represents many things that the ocean represents, such as freedom, inspiration, and depth.

12. Palm Trees

Palm trees are the trees that symbolize the sea. They are connected to the beach and represent many of the same things that the ocean does, such as calmness and freedom. However, palm trees do not grow directly in the sea.

Plant Symbols of the Sea

  • Seaweed – from kelp to sargassum, seaweed is a common, sometimes tasty ocean plant that can only grow underwater
  • Algae – plankton and red algae are two common types of ocean plants that represent the importance of every being, no matter how small
  • Common Seagrass – another crucial part of ocean ecosystems, with ocean plants like them providing 70% of the earth’s oxygen

Animal Ocean Symbols

  • Dolphin – a popular sea animal that represents human connection, grace, and intelligence
  • Shark – a symbol of power, often seen as king of the ocean
  • Coral – sometimes believed to be a plant, this animal has ties to ancient Greece
  • Sea Turtle – represent longevity, calmness, and determination
  • Jellyfish – a unique and graceful creature that represents transparency

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