Sacred symbols are a spiritual way to keep things holy. In many cultures and religions, they are held in the highest regard. But sacred is a word that is thrown around a lot without a deeper connection by the person using it. In reality, sacred places, objects, or symbols are extremely important to millions of people.

Sacred Symbols

20 Sacred Symbols In Religions

1. Cross

The cross is a sacred symbol in Christianity. It symbolizes the sacrifice Christ made and how we can accept his gift of salvation.

2. Tripundra

The Tripundra is a sacred Hindu symbol. It is composed of three white stripes of holy ash with a red dot of fire burning away our impurities.

3. Triple Goddess

The triple goddess is a gorgeous sacred symbol in many traditions. It consists of the waxing, waning, and full moon, each representing a different section of femininity.

4. Double Happiness

The Double Happiness symbol is sacred. It is a symbol in calligraphy that blesses relationships of all kinds, especially romantic ones.

5. Faravahar

Faravahar is a sacred symbol of Zoroastrianism. It gets its name from a guardian spirit with influences from the Egyptian god Ra.

6. Two Hands

Two hands against each other is a universally sacred symbol. It can symbolize prayer, togetherness, or success. In the Hindu faith, it is a greeting called “Anjali.”

7. Sivalinga Pedestal

The ancient Sivalinga mark is a symbol of God. It represents Siva’s manifest of Parashakti, one of the three chief goddesses.

8. Star of David

The Star of David is a sacred Jewish symbol. It symbolizes peace, harmony, and the Way of God, the truth and life.

9. Water Hamsa

Water Hamsa is a Hebrew and Muslim symbol of protection. It opposes the evil eye, which is considered a bad omen in these faiths.

10. Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel is a sacred Buddhist symbol of enlightenment. It has eight spokes to represent the paths of life and how they all come together in perfect unison.

11. Tai Symbol of Peace

The Tai symbol of peace is a sacred one in Daoism. It is complete with a hexagram from the Classics of Changes. It signifies peace and harmony.

12. Ankh

The Ankh is an old Egyptian symbol with many meanings. It is considered a sacred symbol of immortality in most cases.

13. Triskele

The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol. It is a scared image of three spirals connected in the center that symbolize many trinities such as the body, mind, and spirit.

14. Bell

The bell is a sacred Hindu symbol. It is used in rituals where it is referred to as “ghanta” and has the ability to summon the gods.

15. Fire Altar

The fire altar is another sacred Hindu symbol. It is called “homakunda” and is a symbol of ancient Vedic rites.

16. Om

Om is a Hindu symbol of creation. It is a sacred symbol described as the vibration and sound of the universe.

17. Pentagram

The pentagram is sacred in ancient times and specific religions. It is sacred because it contains five points, the golden ratio.

18. Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric shape. It contains three symbols together – the egg of life, the seed of life, and the fruit of life.

19. Pasha Noose

The pasha is a tether that represents the soul’s bondage. It is the force by which God brings souls to the truth.

20. Star and Moon

The star inside a crescent moon is a symbol of the Islamic religion. However, it is also sacred in some Wiccan and similar practices today.

Sacred Symbol Flowers

  • Lotus – a sacred flower in many cultures that represents purity and the ability to move on from hardships
  • Mistletoe – this holiday flower is a sacred plant for both Pagan and Christian rituals
  • Peyote – this pink flower is sacred to Native American tribes who use it in ceremonies to connect to the spiritual world

What Stones Are Considered Sacred?

  • Topaz – mentioned many times as a sacred stone in the Bible
  • Sapphire – a holy stone in most cultures
  • Lapis Lazuli – the stone of total awareness in Buddhism

Animal Sacred Symbols

  • Cow – the most common sacred animal in many religions
  • Peacock – this bird was the mount of the Hindu Lord Murugan, who used it to represent glory and protection
  • Mouse – another Hindu mount, this one associated with family
  • Elephant – a holy Hindu animal associated with the god Ganesha
  • Cat – sacred to ancient Egyptians
  • Sheep – spiritually pure, especially when young
  • Monkey – scared in multiple Asian faiths
  • Rooster – another Hindu sacred animal. This one lets us know of the new dawn

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