Symbols of gratitude let people know you are thankful for what they bring to your life. They can be given as gifts to show appreciation, or you can surround yourself with them to channel more gratitude.

Symbols Of Gratitude

12 Universal Symbols Of Gratitude

1. Wrapped Box

Wrapped boxes represent gifts in every country. This is always a show of appreciation, affection, and even love.

2. Spiral

The spiral is the number one symbol of gratitude. It stands for an infinite show of thankfulness recognized around the world.

3. Yellow Heart

The yellow heart is a symbol of gratitude which is why yellow flowers are a good gift for friends. It is often shown in emojis as the friendship heart used to display a platonic appreciation for someone.

4. Handshake

The handshake is a well-known symbol of gratitude, even to those who don’t practice it. The effort to show appreciation is always recognized.

5. Bowing

Bowing is a common symbol of gratitude in cultures all over the world. The depth and angle of the bow vary depending on the country, but the effort and intention are what matter most.

6. Ring

The ring is a symbol of gratitude for loved ones, especially in a romantic sense. It represents something unending, which is why it is common for wedding ceremonies.

7. Hand on Chest

This classic sign is a way to display heartfelt gratitude. You use it when you connect with someone or to appreciate someone else’s gratitude towards your efforts.

8. Waterfall

The waterfall represents full gratitude that is difficult to contain. It isn’t a small stream of gratitude or a dormant lake but rather an unending flow of appreciation.

9. Clasped Hands

The clasped hands, often accompanied by a slight bow, are a common sign of gratitude. This is especially common in conservative communities.

10. Pastries

Any type of care package or food given to someone is an act of gratitude. But pastries show you took time to make something special for someone to show you appreciate them.

11. Pink

Pink is the color of gratitude in both romantic and familial ways. It represents platonic appreciation and harmony. That’s why pink roses, pink quartz, and other pink gifts are common to show thankfulness.

12. Olive Tree

The tree that symbolizes gratitude is the olive tree with Christian origins. This comes from the tale of the olive branch is a symbol of goodwill. The entire tree represents full gratitude. These trees can also withstand harsh winters, coming out the other side with new life and an appreciation for it.

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is an emotion you express to someone when you are thankful for them. This appreciation has nothing to do with monetary value but a deep warmth. Gratitude is proven to reduce stress, reduce pain, and improve your overall mental and physical health.

Flowers That Symbolize Gratitude

  • Hydrangea – these flowers symbolize thankfulness that can strengthen a bond.
  • Sweet Pea – these sweet flowers are well-named, standing for gratitude for someone’s existence and role in your life.
  • Pink Rose – this color rose should be sent to those you appreciate or because someone did something kind to you.
  • Chrysanthemum – give this flower to anyone you are fond of to promote positive emotions, particularly gratitude.

Animal Symbols Of Gratitude

  • Buffalo – these strong animals stand for stability and thankfulness.
  • Dolphin – because they have real relationships, dolphins stand for sincere gratitude.
  • Turkey – though the American Thanksgiving did not include a turkey, it has since then become a symbol of thankfulness.
  • Hummingbird – this bird represents the joy that gratitude brings

Ancient Symbols Of Gratitude

  • Cornucopia – represents the thankfulness of sustenance, a common symbol of Zeus’ abundance in Greek mythology.
  • Fish Hook – Maori’s hook has many meanings, including determination, peace, and thankfulness.
  • Bread and Wine – a common Christian symbol of goodwill and gratitude, shared with others to strengthen bonds and show appreciation.
  • Autumn – because Autumn is the season of harvests, it is when people often share their goods with others as an act of neighborly appreciation.
  • Tree of Life – in Celtic history, the Tree of Life symbolized new life and the gratitude one should feel for each day.

Crystals For Gratitude

  • Celestite – represents gentle gratitude that allows you to reflect on what you appreciate about life, others, and yourself.
  • Quartz (esp rose) – quartz of any type has this type of energy, but rose quartz has the strongest link to gratitude.
  • Amethyst – this crystal holds a lot of power, making it easy to feel the gratuitous energy it emits.

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