Symbols of greed help us control internal avarice and use these desires for good. It’s important to be aware of what is going on around us and notice the symbolism in everyday life.

Symbols of Greed

12 Symbols of Greed and Its Importance

1. Pile of Coins

A pile of coins is a common way to show greed. Because the coins are stacked up, not in use or stored, it is an easy way to show an excess of currency.

2. Dragon

Dragons are great hoarders who search out treasures to keep them in their homes. They often steal these treasures with little care for who they affect.

3. All-Seeing Eye

Because it is seen in American currency, the eye is now a symbol of greed. It has old origins with many other meanings too, so it is the source that decides which meaning to give it.

4. Oil Rig

The oil rig is now a symbol of greed. Many people with stocks and ownership in the oil industry manipulate laws and restrictions in order for them to stay above the masses financially.

5. Golden Calf

The golden calf is a symbol of worship for greedy Israelites in the bible. It was made from jewelry as one of the first false idols, worshipping materialism and wealth.

6. Midas

Midas can turn anything into gold. But this was a curse because of his greed. Now, he can no longer touch his loved ones or enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

7. Mansions

Mansions can be symbols of greed. This is a good example of taking too much for yourself when others are in need. Though controversial, it is still a symbol of greed.

8. Scrooge

Mr. Scrooge is a term used for someone that is cranky and greedy. It originated with Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, which has been retold many times to portray the effects of greed.

9. Money Symbol

Money symbols are a sign of greed. Whether on a money bag or in emoji eyes, this is a common way to show that someone is being greedy.

10. Power Symbol

The power symbol is another sign of greed. While it has other meanings, it symbolizes power, which is a common source of greed.

11. Hungry Ghosts

Hungry ghosts are symbols of greed in Buddhism. They are monsters who can never eat enough to be happy, so they are in an eternal state of hunger, which is what greed feels like.

12. Diamonds

Diamonds and other rare gems are symbols of greed. They are expensive luxury items used to show one’s wealth

Flowers That Symbolize Greed

  • Orchid – this flower can mean wealth and loyalty but has common ties to luxury and greed.
  • Daffodil – because it is called the Narcissus, it is likely a greedy symbol because it is tied to narcissism.
  • Honeysuckle – the sweet-smelling flower represents gluttony and greed.

Animal Greed Symbols

  • Pig – a common animal of greed that also symbolizes joy and uncleanliness.
  • Frog – a symbol of greed because they want to live in the water and the land.
  • Hyena – a wild animal known for its greed and deceitfulness.
  • Baboon – they often trick others into doing work for them, gaining them more free time and more food.
  • Foxknown as deceitful and greedy creatures.
  • Rooster – stands for greed and hatred in Buddhism.
  • Snakeanother deceitful and greedy symbol.
  • Goat – their mouth movements began a rumor that they are always eating.

Tree That Symbolizes Greed

The money tree is a symbol of greed. Though it can also bring good luck and prosperity, if in the wrong hands, it is often a sign of greed.

This is a good symbol of how greed has another side if one is willing to learn. If you are positive with others in mind, you can work hard and accept goodwill from others without becoming greedy. Prosperity is not as wrong as greed is.

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