Symbols of survival represent what it takes to make it through another day. Survival symbols may be religious, secular, or somewhere in between.

Symbols of Survival

19 Symbols Of Survival To Get Through Another Day

1. Hatchet

A hatchet is one of the primary tools for survival. Hatchets can cut down trees and butcher animals and can be used as a weapon in cases of emergency.

2. Campfire

Nothing is more important than a campfire in difficult times outdoors. Not only does it keep you warm, but it deters animals from coming into your camp.

3. Compass

A sense of direction could be the difference between life and death. The compass has been around for thousands of years and has yet to lose its relevance.

4. Paracord

Paracord is a rather new invention that survivalists cling to. The symbol of survival is useful in fishing, keeping pressure on wounds, making bows, and more.

5. Rainbow

The meaning of the rainbow varies, but for Christians, it is a promise from God. A promise that an unsurvivable flood is never to occur again. 

6. Cross

Crosses are often linked to Christ and his crucifixion. But they are also common in healthcare to show a haven that helps one make it through difficult physical circumstances.

7. Lighthouse

Life at sea is daunting, but a lighthouse is a beacon that guides sailors and grants solace to those in need. The tower lets sailors know how close they are to home, offers light, and lets the anchor know the time to drop.

8. Bread

Bread is sustenance in the Christian faith. It represents the body of Christ but also a means to stay on earth as long as we are meant to stay.

9. Water

Water is crucial to survival. Native Americans drew different types of water-based symbols to let others know where safe drinking water resided.

10. Raincloud

Though a negative symbol in some cultures, for Native Americans, the raincloud represents good prospects. If they saw the symbol of a raincloud, it meant that the area had promise for crops and general survival. 

11. Fence

The fence is a Native American symbol of protection. Paintings of fences were a communication that good luck is guarded.

12. Brother Symbol

A symbol of survival for Native Americans is a drawing of two people standing side-by-side. The symbol is known as the brother symbol, representing unity, equality, and the importance of relying on each other.

13. Eight-Pointed Star

The eight-pointed star is a symbol of survival that represents hope and guidance. Foundations for survival include these prospects as everything else necessary to thrive is built on them.

14. Three Slanted Lines

If an area is not safe, a common way for thieves, travelers, and the homeless to communicate is to draw three slanted lines. The symbol, like other similar symbols, helps new travelers survive by knowing where not to go.

15. Train

A train means that there is a train. The straightforward symbol seems obvious, but the real meaning is that it’s a safe place to travel by train without getting caught.

16. Safe Campsite Symbol

A wave of water with an X and two circles below it is a common symbol of survival. The combo means that the area is safe to stay in, has fresh water, and is a good place to build a fire.

17. Circle

A circle without any additions means that there is nothing to be gained. It does not denote danger, but it does tell travelers to keep moving because nothing good comes from stopping.

18. Circle with One Line

If the circle has one diagonal line going through it, it means the road leads to prospects. Others place the symbol of survival to let newcomers know which road to follow and which to leave alone.

19. Halt Symbol

One of the most popular survival symbols is a unique character that means halt. It is an upside-down “U” attached to a plus sign. The symbol tells others to stop and pay attention to their surroundings.

Flowers That Symbolize Survival

  • Lotus – a symbol of strength and survival because it grows out of murky waters
  • Forget-me-nots – appear to be fragile, yet they are tenacious
  • Sunflower – they know they must face the sun and always find the strength to do so
  • Iris named after the goddess of the rainbow, a messenger and powerful being

Plants That Symbolize Survival

  • Oak tree – a strong symbol of survival that can make it in almost any environment
  • Fern – a plant that grows in almost every environment
  • Bamboo – the survival symbolism lies in the plant’s ability to flex and sustain itself

Animal Survival Symbols

  • Panda – an ancient Asian symbol for survival based on the incredible transformation of the baby panda
  • Echidna – a small animal that reminds us that size has nothing to do with survival
  • Crocodile – able to survive equally well in water or land with thick skin
  • Shark – the kings of the ocean considered sacred to the Maori people
  • Polar Bear – able to survive harsh winters with an intense survival instinct

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