Symbols of spiritual awakening will guide you through certain times of your life. Whether you are channeling their energy or the objects are drawn to you, it means that a spiritual awakening is near.

Symbols of Spiritual Awakening 

18 Powerful Symbols of Spiritual Awakening

1. Buddha

Buddha is the ultimate sign of enlightenment. That was one of his number one priorities, and the same can be said of his followers.

2. Bell

The bell was once used in a similar way that we use a lightbulb for an idea. Only the bell was used spiritually.

3. Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel is a wheel of transformation that can represent many stages of life. It always represents a change that steers us in the right direction.

4. Sankofa

Sankofa is an Adrinka symbol of a bird with its head towards its body. This represents the way we can look at ourselves to jumpstart spiritual enlightenment.

5. Hand-Holding Lotus

The hand holding a lotus represents Buddha’s take on purity. It means that we become purer and more focused after each spiritual awakening despite our past actions.

6. Om

The Om symbol is a common Hindu symbol that stands for ultimate clarity. It represents creation and how we all came to be spiritual beings.

7. Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra represents the spiritual realm and our connection to it. It grants us spiritual clarity and understanding about how the realms work.

8. Enso

The Enso symbol is a Buddhist emblem associated with completeness. It is done with a single brush stroke and is seen differently by each person going through a spiritual awakening.

9. Key

The key has many meanings, but most are tied to spiritual awakening. A key without a lock is an important symbol related to spirituality because we must find out what the key unlocks.

10. Endless Knot

The Endless Knot is a symbol of Buddhism and Hinduism. It represents balance and harmony as the gateway to spiritual clarity.

11. Garuda Mudra

The Garuda Mudra is a hand sign that can influence spiritual energies. It is an air sign that guides us toward spiritual enlightenment.

12. Feather

Feathers are strong signs of wisdom and strength. But in some Native American cultures, they represent the closeness to God and a further understanding of spirituality.

13. Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is an Egyptian symbol of a snake eating its tale, which represents the cycle of life and the rebirth that happens during an awakening.

14. Unalome

The Unalome is a symbol of enlightenment, a common tattoo for those wishing for a spiritual awakening. It can also be used to honor a spiritual awakening you’ve gone through.

15. Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot is an old symbol of enlightenment. It is a sign of harmony and better understanding that reminds us about the fragility of life and how we can make a difference.

16. Pinecone

The pinecone stands for eternal life and how we can gain clarity during an awakening. A symbol of a pinecone was carved out on the god Osirus’ staff.

17. Hamsha

Hamsa is a hand with an eye in the palm, with each finger representing a sense. This represents the connection between the physical and spiritual world during an awakening.

18. Indigo

Indigo is the color of spiritual awakening. It represents clarity, the third eye chakra, and spirituality. Other colors, like violet, come into play, but indigo covers the base of spiritual awakening.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is when your spirit transcends the tangible and becomes more in touch with your spiritual self. You will find out more about yourself, life, and the higher power when this happens as you gain clarity.

Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

  • You wake up feeling strange but at peace.
  • You believe you are visiting another plane rather than dreaming.
  • Memories and dreams feel one and the same.
  • An interest in lucid dreaming appears.
  • You’re letting go of the things that have hurt you.
  • You don’t blame others.
  • You don’t blanket what you do with “I’m just X.”
  • You are asking yourself why you believe what you do.

Flowers That Symbolize Spiritual Awakening

  • Jasmine – a beautiful plant that can put you in the right mood and aura for spiritual growth.
  • Lavender – a sweet-smelling plant that can eliminate the toxins that inhibit spiritual awakening.
  • Lotus – one of the most spiritual plants with a hand in nearly every branch of spirituality.
  • Rosemary – an herb and a flower that offers many benefits to spiritual health and growth.
  • Peace Lily is more than a common gift to friends you want to make amends with, though that is a sign of spiritual awakening.

Animal Spiritual Awakening Symbols

  • Firefly – a spirit animal that epitomizes an awakening and how we have many throughout life.
  • Swan – symbolizes what it feels like for your spirit to awaken.
  • Peacock – represents the beauty of spiritual awakening and how you shouldn’t be ashamed of your spirituality.
  • Otter – friendly and loyal, this animal symbolizes the state of life you must be in for a spiritual awakening.
  • Butterfly – a transformative insect with an obvious nod to awakening.

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