Symbols of authority are signs that represent power and jurisdiction. They come in handy whenever it’s important for someone to establish their authority. Of course, there is a dangerous side to authority, but as with all things, in moderation, there is a benefit. That’s why knowing how to manifest traits through symbolism is useful. 

Symbols of Authority

14 Symbols Of Authority – Differing From Dominance

1. Gavel

The gavel is the most common symbol of authority. It is used strictly by the courts to gain attention, specifically when the judge is making a decision, which is why it has such symbolic power. 

2. The Authority Mark

The authority mark is a lost punctuation mark which means the sentence was authoritative. It appears as an exclamation mark with a curved line through it.

3. Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of authority because of its strength. Though in lore, it doesn’t often seek authority when unbothered, it never backs down from a challenge when it feels its authority is threatened. 

4. Wood Rod

Ancient Rome and Aesop’s Fables both put ties to a bundle of sticks with power. The bundle is now placed with an axe in the center, a sign of governmental authority. 

5. Crown

The crown is an obvious sign of power. It signifies someone with ultimate legal power that goes beyond the court.

6. Aban

The Adrinka symbol of authority is called Aban. It is an X-sign that means “fence.” It isn’t the only symbol of authority in Adrinka, but the most straightforward. 

7. Griffin

Another mythical creature of authority is the griffin. It combines some of the most powerful animals that rule the lands and skies – the eagle and lion. 

8. Spear

Odin’s Spear is a symbol of authority. The spear is called Gungnir, showing its power by striking terror into the hearts of Odin’s enemies.

9. Throne

The throne is a symbol of authority, just like the crown. It symbolizes something that only someone in authority can use.

10. Uraeus

Uraeus is the cobra on a pharaoh’s hood. It symbolizes all things relating to power, including authority.

11. Scepter

Historically used by royals, the scepter is an ultimate form of authority. It is also tied to sorcerers, who also exhibit authority through their magical powers.

13. Beech Tree

The beech tree symbolizes quiet authority. It is likely what the Tree of Life was and is now for fueling fires, building furniture, and making tools. This gives it the power of much of our lives, so along with the lore behind it, the beech tree is a symbol of authority.

14. Black

Black is the color of authority. This is common in business, in court, and even in law enforcement. It portrays confidence and a silhouette that demands attention. Other meanings of black are grief, power, and darkness.

Flowers That Symbolize Authority

  • Devil’s Trumpet – the poisonous plant can grow up to seven feet tall and is often used to power over evil.
  • Kunzea – the burst-like flower symbolizes pure authoritative energy.
  • Iris – a beautiful flower with medicinal properties that has a long history of symbolic meaning.

Animal Authority Symbols

  • Shark – the king of the sea.
  • Lion – linked to nobility and power.
  • Dog – man’s best friend, though intent on being in control.
  • Osprey – a bird of authority that goes head-to-head with eagles and hawks. 
  • Bear – authoritative in their families and in the wild.

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