Symbols of betrayal can epitomize how you feel or help you fight against it. They are useful in helping you heal or to help you find something to relate to.

Symbols of Betrayal

12 Ultimate Symbols of Betrayal

1. Broken Glass or Mirror

A broken glass of any kind is a representative betrayal. This can be a betrayal of who you are or the fragility of trust and how easily it can be broken. When one sees broken glass, one may realize the effects of betrayal on both sides.

2. Chalice

A chalice is a symbol of betrayal because it is associated with poison. The chalice is meant to be disguised as a normal beverage given by someone the drinker trusts, but it is actually filled with poison.

3. Handshake

A real handshake represents trust and companionship. But a fake handshake with a fake smile can represent betrayal. Because when you shake someone’s hand, it is meant to be in good faith.

4. Shattered Ring

A shattered ring represents a broken marriage. This usually indicated a marriage broken by betrayal and unfaithfulness.

5. Broken Chain

A broken chain represents betrayal and how it can affect a long life of events and people. When one chain link is broken, the entire chain will never be the same again. It takes work to mend a broken chain, and even then, it may not be as strong as it once was unless the chain link is replaced. 

6. Split Arrow

A split arrow is a symbol of betrayal and broken promises. It means that what was once strong and bound is becoming unraveled and splitting into different paths rather than the one that was chosen together.

7. Dagger

A dagger is a popular symbol of betrayal. It is often associated with being stabbed in the back, which was once a literal phrase for betrayal but is now a common figurative phrase when someone betrays trust.

8. Torn Heart

A torn heart is a common symbol of betrayal. This can be a broken heart from any type of betrayal, but it usually represents a betrayal in a romantic relationship when two hearts should merge to some extent. 

9. Blood on Hands or Glove

Blood on the hands or a glove can symbolize betrayal. When the blood is on the hands, it is an outright betrayal. But when it is on a glove, it symbolizes the attempt to hide a betrayal.

10. Two-Faces

A two-faced mask or person represents betrayal. The two faces represent the two sides of someone who they show to different people. The face you see may not be the face someone else sees, which is a sign of deceit that can cause damage in relationships, even in those not with the deceitful person. 

11. Black

Black is the color of betrayal. There’s no other color that comes close to black when portraying the way that betrayal makes you feel. Though grey can represent betrayal, black is a much better representation as it is void of light. You may notice things often go darker in films when someone is betrayed.

12. Judas Tree

The Judas Tree is named after Judas, who betrayed Christ. It is a gorgeous tree that can grow in gorgeous pink and green colors. The name Judas Tree comes from the myth that Judas hung himself from the same type of tree due to his betrayal.

12. Trojan Horse

In Greek mythology, betrayal was represented by the Trojan horse, which the Greeks used to sneak into Troy. The god of betrayal in Greece is Dolos, which means Deception. He is known for his treachery, connection to Prometheus, and friendship with the god of lies, Pseudea. 

Flowers That Symbolize Betrayal

  • Black Rose – a common flower of betrayal that represents a type that one can’t come back from
  • Wilted Flower – wilted roses, in particular, represent a betrayal of negligence 
  • Black Dahlia – in connection with the murder case of Elizabeth Short
  • Perennials – represent betrayal because they may be preventing other flowers and plants from growing 
  • White Flowers – white roses, in particular, represent a request for forgiveness after betrayal

Crystals That Symbolize Betrayal

  • Pearl – a crystal said to bring sadness to anyone who receives it as a gift
  • Black Diamond – in India, black diamonds represent death and betrayal
  • Opal – this gem is a symbol of death and betrayal

Animal Betrayal Symbols

  • Coyote – this animal is a popular symbol of betrayal 
  • Fox – another popular betrayal symbol due to its many ties to being cunning and sneaky
  • Scorpion – an animal with many tales of betrayal tied to it
  • Snake – one of the most common symbols of betrayal, hence the phrase “snake in the grass”
  • Rat – like other symbols, this animal has an associated betrayal phrase, “rat out” or “smell a rat”
  • Weasel – another common animal of betrayal one shouldn’t trust 
  • Mole – a “mole” is also someone who is spying on an opposing organization from within

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