Symbols of determination can help you work on your grit and will. Utilizing determination and willpower symbols is a great way to give yourself the boost you need to stay focused and accomplish your goals.

Symbols of Determination

12 Symbols of Determination and Focus

1. Axe

An axe is a symbol of determination. It can cut through almost anything, but it takes work to do so. It was even wielded by Odin, who named his axe Gungir.

2. Demeter

Demeter is a Greek goddess of determination. She worked tirelessly to find her daughter Persephone before eventually being reunited, showing us that hard work can pay off.

3. Chinese Dragon

The Chinese dragon represents power and determination. This symbolism dates back to 5000 years ago when it was a benevolent creature in folklore that blessed others, which contrasts the Western dragon, who is greedy and violent.

4. Atlas

Atlas is a Greek god of strength and endurance. He is the one who was tasked with keeping the heavens and earth separate. He was made to hold the world on his shoulders after leading a rebellion against Zeus.

5. Hei Matau

Hei Matau is a Maori symbol of willpower. The symbol is a fish hook that is used as a survival tool. But it can also represent the power to catch anything that stands in our way.

6. Dara Knot

The Dara Knot is a Celtic symbol for determination. It is meant to be an oak tree’s roots, strongly connected to all that is around it. The symbol can give us strength and determination through difficult times.

7. Fist

A fist raised rather than forward represents determination. This isn’t a fist ready to fight but a fist that will not bend to the will of others.

8. Phoenix

The phoenix is a symbol of determination because it can rise from the ashes. This symbolizes the ability to not give up in the face of adversity.

9. Bullseye

Bullseye, especially with an arrow, represents attention to detail, determination, and strategy. It shows how determination can lead to precision and the focus it takes to get there.

10. Water

Water is an element of determination. It is constant and steadfast. One of the strongest and deadliest forces on earth, water spends thousands of years breaking through barriers and never giving up until it has accomplished its task.

11. Kujichaguila

Kujichaguila is an African symbol of determination and celebration. The symbol represents the fight against discrimination, which takes determination.

12. Taurus

Taurus is an astrological sign and symbol of a bull. Bulls are symbols of determination. Those born under Taurus are likely to have determination in life, a great gift from the stars.

Flowers That Symbolize Determination

  • Lotus – a flower of determination and rebirth
  • Gladiolusrepresents the gladiator’s will
  • Columbine – a symbol of strength and grit
  • Geranium – flowers that represent trustworthiness and willpower
  • Red Carnation – the carnation of grit and commitment

Crystals That Symbolize Determination

  • Black Tourmaline – a crystal that helps you stay focused on tasks
  • Malachite – helps you with a determination regarding new things
  • Pyrite – a warrior stone for willpower
  • Tiger’s Eye – gives you the focus of a tiger
  • Selenite – a charging and cleansing stone that helps with mental blocks

Animal Determination Symbols

  • Turtle – though slow, turtles are strong and have extensive tenacity
  • Horse hardworking animals that can do a variety of jobs
  • Salmon – they swim against the current
  • Eagle – a bird that symbolizes strength, freedom, and determination
  • Beaver – determination to work hard, have teamwork, and never give up
  • Badger – represents tenacity even when odds are stacked against you
  • Penguin – they will do anything to survive and help their families thrive

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