Symbols of patience will help you practice this beneficial skill. Being patient is a skill that everyone needs to develop though some are naturally inclined toward patience. This could be genetics or environment, but it does not mean that someone who isn’t inclined to be patient can’t learn to be patient.

Symbols of Patience

12 Symbols of Patience to Wait With

1. Patience Symbol

The Native American patience symbol is one of the strongest symbols of patience. It is a V inside a circle that dates back to 3000 BC.

2. Coral

Coral is a common symbol of patience that gets stronger over time, growing only around one millimeter each year. They are popular subjects for jewelry and art because of their meanings.

3. Yellow Light

A yellow light symbolizes patience and encourages us to take things slow. This comes from the yellow traffic light, which many people refuse to yield to despite its meaning. Learning to acknowledge the yellow light is also a good way to practice patience.

4. Plum

Plums are the fruit of patience. They are turned into prunes through a painstaking process that requires much patience and endurance.

5. Patience Hand Signal

The patience hand signal is a hand held up to let people know to wait. The signal consists of an open palm with all fingers tightly together. This isn’t to be confused with the ASL signal for patience, which is a thumb to the chin and the rest of the fingers clasped.

6. Pearl

Pearls are symbols of patience because they take time to form. They’re also happy to live their life without any acknowledgment, though they can offer calming and protective energy to humans.

7. Nya Abotere

Nya Abotere is an Adrinka symbol of patience. It is a heart with a cross in the center that encourages those who use its power to be strong, peaceful, and patient in life.

8. Shuni Mudra

Shuni is the mudra of patience. It is one of the five hand gestures in the Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It teaches us to practice self-discipline and take accountability for ourselves.

9. Ren

Ren is a Chinese word for patience. According to Confucian philosophy, ren is a central virtue that emphasizes the importance of benevolence and humaneness.

10. Hourglass

An hourglass is a way to measure time that has been around for over a thousand years. It is a good way to exhibit patience as you wait for each grain of sand to drop individually.

11. Blue

Blue represents patience. A deep, calm blue is the perfect color to symbolize patience because it can make you feel patient just by being surrounded by it.

12. Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple symbolizes patience. It stands for relaxation and the appreciation of each moment, which impatience fights against. The Japanese Maple also takes time to grow and fill out, only growing around one foot per year.

Flowers That Symbolize Patience

  • Aster – in Victorian England, they were used as gifts to represent patience and wisdom
  • Lily – represents spiritual patience and longsuffering in a positive light
  • Chinese Lantern – a unique flower that transforms as it grows, letting us know how important patience is when we expect change
  • Iris a flower that stands for patience because it takes time to fully mature and show its beauty
  • Coneflower – the flower that can be used as medicine or to represent the patience it takes to grow

Crystals That Symbolize Patience

  • Dumortierite – a peaceful stone that helps you be more patient and accepting
  • Jade – another stone that fights impatience and quiets emotional stress
  • Blue Agate – a good stone for patience and self-acceptance
  • Amethyst – a multi-purpose stone that grounds you so you can focus on the present
  • Black Tourmaline – absorbs negative energy associated with impatience

Animal Patience Symbols

  • Owl – the bird of wisdom and patience that teaches us to think slowly and act when the time is right
  • Camel – able to live happily without water for a long time, the camel is an ultimate animal of patience
  • Turtle – a reptile that has a low survival rate as babies, making each life precious and each mother incredibly patient
  • Trout Fish – a fish that is an excellent hunter due to its patience
  • Pelican – similar to the trout fish, the pelican must wait for the right opportunity to catch prey
  • Seahorse – the sea creature that can only swim by taking advantage of their environment
  • Elephanta calm animal that is patient with their families

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