Soulmate symbols can help you manifest your soulmate and learn more about them. Our soulmates are important parts of our lives and if you’re lucky enough to have one in yours, then enjoy them. You can enjoy them more by enhancing your connection and learning more about what it means to have a soulmate.

Soulmate Symbols

9 Soulmate Symbols To Fortify Your Bond

1. Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is a common Celtic symbol of love and undying loyalty. A soulmate has the strongest love for you, so the ring is used in many bonding ceremonies and weddings.

2. Apples

Apples are symbols of love for soulmates. Many cultures used them as gifts to spouses or adoration. An old wive’s tale states you can twist the stem to find out your soulmate’s name.

3. Red String

The red string has many meanings, but they believe it can detect a soulmate in Eastern Asia. The god Yue Lao uses the string to tie them together, ensuring it never breaks.

4. The Ankh

The Ankh has many meanings, including intertwined soulmates with feminine and masculine energy. Different religions have slightly different interpretations, but it always comes down to romance and power.

5. Seashell

Seashells are unique and were once connected to fertility, love, and romance. They were gifts in many cultures, being more valuable the further inland you go.

6. Diamond

Diamonds represent soulmates that stick around forever. They are valuable, long-lasting, and associated with fallen stars.

7. The Love Knot

The love knot represents a bond between two people, especially lovers. The origin is unknown, but it is still present today to show love in marriage or long-term relationships.

8. Kinnara and Kinnari

Kinnara and Kinanri are Asian beauties who are half-human and half-bird. They represent romantic love and loyalty to your soulmate. The two loved each other so much that they would die if they were to separate.

9. Double Infinity

Double infinity is a symbol of two souls forever committed. While one infinity sign represents a commitment you make alone, double infinity can only represent one you make with another soul.

Flowers That Symbolize Soulmates

  • Rose – a romantic flower that represents soulmates. The color you choose should be the color of your love.
  • Butterfly Flower – often called the Soulmate Flower, this pink bundle is a great gift for your loved one.
  • Tulip – represents perfection and loyalty, two things that soulmates do naturally.

Animal Soulmate Symbols

  • Dove – turtle doves, in particular, represent a connection between soulmates of any kind, including friendship.
  • Lovebird – lovebirds are small and sweet birds who are always together.
  • Swans swans are symbolic when they touch their beaks together to show their love. When they do, a heart forms between them.
  • Koi Fish – they represent yin and yang and the path that soulmates take together.

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