Symbols of revenge help people process their anger and take control of it. They may be animals that seek revenge in nature or ancient symbols that were once used to exact revenge on enemies.

Symbols of Revenge

9 Symbols of Revenge to Channel

1. Coffin

Coffins are not always symbols of revenge, but they can be. The coffin is a symbol of revenge that insinuates death in some way. If used correctly, they are easily understood as a revenge message all over the world.

2. Broken Mirror

A broken mirror is a symbol of revenge in many cultures. It was popularized by movies and superstitions in which they represent bad luck, often warranted by revenge from the dead.

3. Voodoo Doll

Voodoo doll origins come from the 20th-century Cajun regions of Louisiana, Haiti, and the Caribbean. The doll is not a cult symbol but rather a religious symbol used in ceremonies and revenge rituals relating to the Vodou religion.

4. Dagger

Daggers are common symbols of revenge in the modern world. They are an easy way to exhibit revenge with a small and easily concealed weapon.

5. Skull

The skull is a symbol of revenge relating to death. Though not always a promise of murder, the eerie origins and atmosphere brought by skulls send the proper message.

6. Black Candle

Black candles are symbols of revenge that are not always bad. The candles are often used in occult rituals to bring luck, prosperity, and protection. But it is possible to use them to bring about revenge and justice.

7. The Letter V

The letter V stands for victory, vengeance, and vendetta. All may relate to the origin of V for Vendetta, which is the real Guy Fawkes, who lived in the 1500s.

8. Poison

Poison is a popular symbol of revenge today, but the origins of poison bottles date back to the Middle Ages. Vials in medieval tales and beyond symbolize the act of revenge rather than just the thought of it.

9. Five of Swords

Five of Swords is a Tarot card for revenge that dates back to medieval times. The card also symbolizes conflict and defeat, so those who see it may receive revenge rather than execute it.

Flowers of Revenge

  • Red Poppy – associated with Remembrance Day and a sedative, the poppy represents revenge against those who harm the least of these.
  • Aconitum – a poisonous flower also known as wolfsbane

Plants That Symbolize Revenge

  • Venus Fly Trap – a common plant in fiction to represent how hostile nature can be
  • Kudzu – the most invasive plant in the U.S., known for taking over if nature is disrupted

Animal Revenge Symbols

  • Scorpion – a venomous creature that symbolizes a natural means of revenge
  • Raven – the god Odin uses his ravens Huginn and Muninn to seek revenge
  • Spider – able to capture prey with ease, the spider is an old symbol of revenge with deep origins in Africa and Asia
  • Black Cat – seen as bad luck to some and fortune to others, the black cat represents how quickly the tables of revenge may turn
  • Snake – the oldest animal symbol for revenge

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