Symbols for life are flowers, glyphs, and more, representing living matter. You can use these symbols to your benefit as reminders or spiritual conduits to breathe life into your soul. The word life is abundant in everyday speech, so to better understand what a symbol of life can mean, it’s best to understand what is “life” means.

Symbols for Life

10 Symbols for Life

1. Ankh

The Ankh is a popular symbol of life first used by Egyptians. Created by Egyptians thousands of years ago, the Ankh represents eternal life. The Ankh looks like a cross with a loop at the top.

2. Sei

Sei is the Japanese symbol of life that represents the eternal lifespan of the soul. It is a kanji that translates to “life.” Another symbol of life in Japan includes the butterfly (choho), which symbolizes the eternal life of our souls. Traditionally, in Japan, spirits of the dead take the form of a butterfly.

3. Aum

In the Hindu faith, Aum is a symbol that represents prana, or the breath of life that is instilled into us by Parabrahman. Aum is said to be the “essence of the supreme Absolute consciousness.”

4. Labyrinth

The Hopi symbol for life is the tapuat, which closely resembles a labyrinth. In the Hopi culture, it represents Mother Earth and her inhabitants: a mother and her children. The center symbolizes birth, where people first emerge.

5. Chai

The symbol is used to represent life, which is also symbolized by the number 18. You have probably heard the common Jewish toast, “L’Chaim!” which means “to life.” 

6. Dharma Wheel

Dharmachakra is the Buddhist symbol for life, which we often call the dharma wheel. Dharma means to hold, maintain, and keep, but the symbol is often meant to represent life.

7. Tau

Tau is a Greek symbol that means life, which looks like a modern-day T in the English alphabet. It is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet. The eighth letter of the alphabet, theta, is a symbol of death.

8. Triskele

The Triskelion is a Celtic emblem that also symbolizes life. The work triskele can also be used for this spiral that looks much like a fidget spinner. Many historians believe this is the oldest symbol of spirituality.

9. Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec god of life who is a patron of rain and agriculture. He represents life, light, and wisdom. He is depicted as a feathery serpent in bright colors.

10. Shou

Shou is the Chinese symbol of life representing the god of longevity, sanxing. The word shou also means longevity and is common in decorations to gift life to a home.

11. The Eternal Life Flower

The eternal life flower may change depending on culture, but it is most often the lotus flower. Because the lotus flower represents rebirth, it is safe to say it also stands for eternal life.

12. Green

Green is the color of life in nature. Though white may also symbolize life, in Christian, Japanese, and other cultures, green symbolizes life. The color is also symbolism in psychology that “breathes life” into those who are near it with feelings of peace, vitality, and balance.

13. Goat

The goat symbolizes life in all forms. It represents the beauty of creating and sustaining life and the ability to do these things.

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