Symbols of kindness can encourage us to bring out the best in ourselves and see the best in others. It is one of the keys to happiness and can even benefit us in everyday life. Learning the true meaning of kindness can be one of the best decisions you make.

Symbols of Kindness

15 Kindness Symbols to Be More Compassionate

1. Heart

The heart symbol is one of kindness. It is the most widely recognized symbol of love, compassion, and any other emotion that involves grace toward others.

2. Krishna

Krishna is a Hindu deity of love and kindness. It is presented by a man with a flute, in total control of the human heart yet lacking any form of hatred.

3. Hug

Whether an emoji or physical hug, this is a symbol of kindness and connection. A hug is an ancient way to connect with others to show them that you trust them and care for them.

4. Feather

Kindness can make one feel as light as a feather. They are soft, gentle, and lightweight objects that have the same aura as true kindness.

5. Endless Knot

The Endless Knot is an important kindness symbol in many cultures. It has different meanings throughout the world, but it always comes back to enlightenment and compassion.

6. Parasol

Parasols protect us from the heat of the sun just as kindness can offer support to those under heat. The symbol has been around for many years, signifying wisdom and compassion as well.

7. Buddha

Buddha is a symbol of kindness, as the religion is based on such. There are many symbols in the Buddhist culture that represent kindness, but Buddha is the root of them all.

8. Varada Mudra

Varada is a mudra hand gesture that symbolizes kindness. It consists of open palms to help with the vulnerability that goes along with kindness. It is relaxed and generous in form.

9. Dagger

A symbol rarely associated with kindness, making its symbolism even more precious. It goes to show that we can see the good in all things if we try.

10. Staff

A shepherd’s staff is used to gently guide sheep with compassion and kindness. So, in many cultures, especially Christianity, the staff is a symbol of kindness and represents guidance.

11. Om

Om is considered the sound of the universe. It represents truth, forgiveness, and harmony. It is associated with a mantra called Avalokiteśvara, which is associated with compassion.

12. Stupa Spire

The stupa spire is a type of building in Buddhist temples. Each part represents a part of Buddha, with the spire representing compassion and kindness.

13. Nteasee

An Adrinka symbol of kindness and love. It represents the connection a community has and how they can work through anything if they have compassion for each other.

14. Handshake

The handshake is a multicultural symbol of kindness. It shows that you mean no harm and are choosing to trust the person you are communicating with.

15. Tara

Tara is a symbol of love and compassion from above. However, there are 21 Taras, each with its own power. The white Tara is motherly compassion, while the green Tara is peaceful kindness.

Flowers That Symbolize Kindness

  • Bluebell – these sweet flowers are symbols of kindness from the Victorian era
  • Pink Dahlia – a flower with kind and feminine energy
  • Lotus – the red lotus rises from the dark depths as clean and sweet as always
  • Jasmine – white jasmine is a symbol of compassion, patience, and more

Animal Kindness Symbols

  • White Parrot – a pure animal that represents compassion in China
  • Ox – a strong animal of gentleness and kindness
  • Deer – a passive animal of kindness and gentleness
  • Raven – a symbol of kindness in Japan
  • Pelican – this bird is a Christian symbol of sacrifice and kindness
  • Manatee – a fun sea creature that symbolizes peace and kindness
  • Elephant – an animal wonderful at showing compassion for other species
  • Peacock – though showy, these birds are symbols of kindness and luck

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