Symbols of unity represent being one and bringing people together. These symbols help keep your mind, body, and spirit as one. Unity has a long history and is as relevant today as ever. But that doesn’t mean everyone practices it or understands the meaning of unity.

Symbols of Unity

16 Symbols of Unity and Oneness

1. Möbius Strip

The Möbius Strip is a ribbon that wasn’t discovered until the mid-1850s. It is an infinite loop with no beginning or end, confusing many in logical terms but bringing peace spiritually. 

2. Masonic Trowel

The Masonic Trowel is a symbol that “cements” men together. It symbolizes brotherly love, fighting for each other, and how we can unite as one human race.

3. Odal

The Nordic rune is a letter of the alphabet that is a symbol of family and togetherness. It is part of a magical belief system promoting unity in relationships.

4. Northern Knot

The Nigerian knot is a symbol of unity. The type of unity is in accepting diversity and choosing to see each other as individuals while still working together.

5. Triquetra

The Triquetra is a symbol of unity. It is a common Celtic knot that has many meanings, but most of them come down to harmony and love as a basis for living.

6. Raised Fists

The raised fist is often used to symbolize a revolution. But only one of the people working together for the greater good, fighting against oppression and injustice. 

7. Rainbow

The rainbow now has many meanings, but one of those is unity. Not only is a rainbow beautiful, just as unity is, but it is composed of seven different colors, all working together in harmony.

8. The Number One

One is the number of unity. It symbolizes togetherness and how we are one as a community, as mankind, and as a planet. 

9. Bi Nka Bi

The Adrinka symbol of harmony and unity is Bi Nka Bi. It represents the phrase that no one should hurt another person. This mindset is a great way to ignite a sense of love and unity in the hearts of those around us.

10. Braid

Braids can symbolize unity because they are woven together. The braid is even used in many types of weddings, with one strand representing God and the other two the people who are being united.

11. Lambda

The Greek letter Lambda represents unity. It means “sameness” and has been used since ancient times to represent equal representation and freedom of expression.

12. Circle

The circle is the shape of unity. It represents perfection, eternity, and completeness. Circles are used at gatherings as a natural seating arrangement. They can help us feel closer together. 

13. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a specific circle of unity. It is a symbol of a snake eating its own tail, having all the same meanings that a circle does, only it is more spiritual.

14. Borromean Rings

Borromean Rings are three interlocking rings of unity. The rings are together and cannot separate. There are no weak links or severed edges.

15. Cross of Lorraine

The double-barred cross is a symbol of unity. It was a favorite of the Duke of Lorraine in the early 1000s and was passed down for generations. By the 15th century, it became the national unity symbol of France. 

16. Iodhadh

Iodhadh is a Celtic symbol to describe certain trees. It is the 20th Ogham letter as well, symbolizing death, life, and the infinite nature of it, bringing us together.  

Flowers Symbols of Unity

  • Rose – red and white roses (Tudor rose) represent unity in Great Britain as they represent the War of the Roses.
  • Hydrangea – this sweet flower symbolizes a heartfelt feeling of togetherness.
  • Sunflower – represents spending time together in joy and adoration.
  • Forget-Me-Not – the name says it all, as it encourages unity even when we’re not together.
  • Dandelion – encourages us to make wishes for each other, strengthening the unity we share.

Animal Symbols of Unity 

  • Penguins – these snowbirds are symbols of unity as they work together in their communities.
  • Ant – the insect that is a symbol of unity as they have some of the strongest worth ethics for the greater good.
  • Dove – a common wedding symbol of joining two families together.
  • Swan – another love symbol that focuses on unity.
  • Beavers – hard workers who spend their lives building with their families.

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