Protection symbols work as guardians for your home and spirit. Most protection symbols are ancient, with spiritual connections in different cultures or religions. To find out what kind of protection symbol you need, it’s crucial to learn more about them first.

Protection Symbols

15 Symbols of Protection In Different Religions And Cultures

1. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers ward off bad dreams and evil spirits, filtering energies. They only let the good ones through, giving you sweet dreams at night and pure energy each morning.

2. Pentagram

The pentagram is a protection rune. It is a common tattoo, home decor, and in the Celtic culture, offering safety to those who use it to ward off evil.

3. Horseshoe

Horshoes bring good luck and security. It has been used as a charm since before the fall of the Roman empire and is still prevalent today.

4. Arrow

A single arrow is a common sign of protection. It keeps our lives on track and fights off evil with a focus unlike any other.

5. Hamsa

Hamsa is a hand symbol in Buddhism that offers blessings. It can grant money, love, health, power, and wisdom while keeping negativity at bay.

6. Nazar Beads

Nazar beads are also called evil eye beads. They are worn as jewelry to ward off evil and grant spiritual safety.

7. Chatra

Chatra is an umbrella of protection. It is usually white and adored with ornaments that can give it extra power to keep evil spirits away.

8. Hopi Hand

The Hopi hand has spiritual healing powers and physical healing properties in the Hopi culture. It is used by elders and medicine men to help those in need and give them energy.

9. Dagger

Daggers are used in many cultures to offer an offensive defense. For example, the Athame is a dagger pointing upwards that wards off spirits in Celtic ceremonies.

10. Moon

The moon is the oldest form of protection. It represents safety and calm protection in many cultures and religions.

11. Dragon

The dragon is one of the mythological creatures that is still used as a form of protection today. As an apex predator, no other creature in its world can stand toe to toe with the dragon.

12. Wishbone

Wishbones offer luck and protection. Unbroken wishbones offer pure protection, divided among you and the ones you love, there to call upon in times of need.

13. Cross

The cross is the ultimate sign of protection in Christianity. But even in other religions, the symmetrical cross has meaning, often tied to protection, as seen in medical practices all over the world.

14. Black

Black is the color that symbolizes protection. It is a grounding color that places boundaries and removes negative energy by cleansing it.

15.  Oak Tree

Oak trees symbolize protection in many books and cultures. They are strong trees that are difficult to cut down but in literature, they are carved out to be homes for forest creatures, sheltering them from the elements and predators.

Flowers That Symbolize

  • Snapdragon – the dragon representation in this flower offers protection and strength.
  • Masterwort – the starlike flower is a symbol of courage and protection.
  • Witch Hazel – this flower has many spiritual benefits, including the ability to protect those in its vicinity.
  • Yarrow – this adorable flower was used (in Greek Mythology) to treat wounds during the Trojan War, offering protection to soldiers.
  • Wildflower – this doesn’t refer to “wildflowers” but the anemone flower, which grants protection and luck.

Animal Protection Symbols

  • Bear – the most popular animal of protection that offers strength, courage, and safety.
  • Dragonfly – this insect is also a symbol of bravery and new beginnings.
  • Deer – a symbol of security and shelter.
  • Eagle – a pure symbol of protection.
  • Crow – an animal representing wisdom and safety.

Ancient Protection Symbols

  • Wedjat – an Egyptian eye, sometimes called the Eye of Horus, that sees all and watches over us.
  • Cartouche – another Egyptian symbol of protection. This one translates to encircle, an all-encompassing sign of shelter.
  • Menat – this talisman is magical and full of life-protecting energy.
  • Vegvisir – the Norse symbol wards off evil and keeps us on the right track.
  • Cornicello – the Italian horn is common in jewelry to keep its wearer safe.
  • Algiz – the word “algiz” literally means protection in Proto-German but is also a symbol.
  • Ankh – one of the most common Egyptian hieroglyphs, this one a symbol of life, rebirth, and safety.
  • Triskelion – another common emblem of spiritual protection with many origin stories.

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