Fire symbols can give you the energy and passion you desire. Since fire is one of the four main elements of nature, providing light and heat, symbols for fire are meant to ignite energy and freedom within individuals or groups.

Fire Symbols

15 Symbols of Fire

1. Cherokee

A Cherokee tale of fire involves a Possum and a Buzzard. The two animals attempted to steal fire from the land of light before Grandmother Spider succeeded in doing so by hiding it in her net.

2. Algonquin

The Algonquin tale of fire involves a rabbit. This rabbit stole fire as well from an old man and his daughters because they did not share their warmth.

3. Mayan

The Mayan symbol known as Version of Fire is a unique one. It is composed of seven other symbols that come together to create what they call an explosive apex that unifies the body and mind.

4. Uto-Aztecs

Uto-Aztecs used the Seven Ray Sun as a symbol of fire. It represents the seven rays of spiritual development which require fire to ignite your soul.

5. Kenaz Rune

The Kenaz Rune represents the birth of fire and rebirth. It is of transformation and purification, with origins in Germany.

6. Christian

In the Bible, fire is often associated with evil. It means destruction and punishment, with those who do not follow the righteous path or accept salvation being cast into the lake of fire.

7. Shinto

In the Shinto religion, Tomoe is a symbol of fire. It means “turning” or the fire wheel. It is similar to the yin-yang symbol, connecting the heavens and the earth.

8. Hindu

In Hinduism, Agni is the god of fire and the sun. He can transform into anything he touches, which is why in this faith, fire represents change.

9. Flaming Sword

The flaming sword is a legendary weapon. Many gods wield a sword of fire, and it is even seen in Christianity when God gives the cherubs who guard Eden flaming swords.

10. The Olympic Flame

The Olympic Flame is a prominent symbol of fire. It is meant to be an everlasting flame that carries with it a power to connect humanity and give it life.

11. Prometheus

Prometheus is a symbol of fire because he is the god of Fire in Greece. He created humanity from clay and gave them fire for survival. His tale involves Zeus who refused human access to fire.

12. Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of fire and passion. Though there are other elemental dragons, the majority of depictions involve fire-breathing versions.

13. Trigram for Fire

The Trigram for Fire is a Chinese symbol. It means clarity, independence, and vision. It is connected to the pheasant bird and is a key part of Feng Shui techniques.

14. Awen

Awen is a Celtic symbol of fire. It is represented by three flames that mean inspiration. Poets and artists use them to create muse and inspirations that result in incredible works.

15. Alchemy Fire

The main alchemy symbol of fire is a simple triangle. This triangle should be pointing up and represent the fire emotions of love, hate, and everything related to them.

Which Crystals and Stones Symbolize Fire?

  • Bloodstone – a passion stone of fiery courage
  • Fire Opal – the name suits this bright orange and red opal that is water and lava
  • Sunstone – the fire of the sun is a symbol of fire and this protective stone
  • Ruby – the red color represents the fire element
  • Amber – the honey-like stone often has the fire to trap insects as it forms from resin

Plants That Symbolize Fire

  • Garlic – also protects against evil
  • Thorn – thorns and fire can both harm one, which connects them
  • Cinnamon – a symbol of abundance and prosperity
  • Ginger – used in healing rituals with fire
  • Pepper – connects to fire as it is “fiery” in taste
  • Juniper – a symbol of strength, wisdom, and passion

Animal Fire Symbols

  • Tiger – a fire in his eyes that is full of passion
  • Lizard – the closest animal to a dragon
  • Bee – has a fire for its job
  • Ladybug – a symbol of good luck, action, and prosperity
  • Scorpion – an animal with a fiery venom

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