Symbols of courage are helpful tools to increase feelings of bravery and determination. They encourage and praise courage by offering you a reminder and at times a spiritual boost.

Symbols of Courage

31 Symbols of Courage to Gain Strength

1. Semicolon

The semicolon in modern times represents hardship that was overcome. This hardship tends to be one regarding mental health struggles and the courage it took to take a step toward healing.

2. Flexed Arm

A flexed arm is a symbol of courage in modern-day times. It represents strength and bravery that one works hard to achieve.

3. Mjolnir

Mjolnir symbolizes strength, courage, and power. It belongs to Thor, one of the strongest gods in Norse mythology. The strength of Mjolnir only presents itself to those who are worthy and pure of heart.

4. Tiwaz

Tiwaz is a Viking rune that represents a spear. It looks like a spear as well and is used to symbolize a spear in the literal sense as well as to represent strength and courage.

5. Gungnir

Gungnir is a spear of Odin, making it closely related to Tiwaz. However, Gungnir is a specific spear owned by one of the strongest gods in Norse mythology, rivaling Thor as he begat Thor.

6. Web of Wyrd

Web of Wyrd is a powerful symbol of courage. It represents the places where nature, time, and fate overlap. The integrity of the web, despite the many strands facing different directions, represents courage and it is common to use the web to honor fallen soldiers.

7. Uruz

Uruz is a letter in the Futhark alphabet. It represents the aurochs, a bull-like creature with extreme courage and resilience.

8. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a general term for female soldiers in Norse mythology. Their job is to guide souls to Valhalla, but they are also warriors who continue to prove themselves.

9. Okodee Mmowere

Okodee Mmowere is a symbol of courage in West Africa. It symbolizes an eagle in the Akan clan of Oyoko. The eagle is an animal of courage in West Africa, particularly their talons.

10. Kwatakye Atiko

Kwatakye Atiko is a symbol that represents a hairstyle of the Kwatakye people. The West African tribe says the hairstyle was popularized by an old war captain Asante, who inspires today due to his bravery.

11. Iron

Iron is a symbol of courage in many cultures, but none more prominent than in West Africa. There, iron is one of the strongest minerals or materials used to build warrior weapons.

12. Pempamsie

Pempamsie is a symbol of courage that also stands for steadfastness and tenacity. It is an Adrinkan symbol that means “sew to readiness.” The point of the symbol is that there is strength in unity.

13. Tabono

Tabono is an ancient African symbol of courage. The simple symbol resembles a windmill and is popular to this day in jewelry and African company emblems.

14. She-Wolf

The she-wolf is more than just an animal in Native American cultures. She’s a mother, warrior, and guardian of the people.

15. Morning Star

The morning star is a name for a holy man in the Sioux tribe of Oglala Lakota. It is also the name for the great chief of the 1800s. The term rises time and again to represent figures that deserve praise due to their courage.

16. Amber

Amber has many connotations in Asian cultures. One of those meanings is the Earth’s energy and natural wisdom. From that energy comes a courage that would otherwise be lost in time.

17. Vajra

Vajra is an Indian weapon made of diamonds and a thunderbolt. The duo makes the Vajra one of the strongest weapons in existence.

18. Yuki

Yuki is a Japanese symbol of courage. It is a literal translation that also translates to bravery or boldness.

19. Sun

The rising sun is a common symbol in Japan. It represents war and the rise of the sun after darkness. Though it has different meanings to different cultures and people, the gist is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but courage is required to get there.

20. Ruby

Ruby is a popular symbol of courage in Asia. The gem stands for passion, wealth, and bravery. The bright red color gives it the meanings as well as the rarity and toughness of the crystal.

21. Pinecone

Pinecones are special symbols in Asian cultures. They represent the perseverance and determination it takes to grow from a small seed into one of the largest and strongest trees on the planet.

22. Javelin

The javelin is similar to a spear but unique to certain cultures, such as Rome. Javelins are not just war weapons but were one of the first Olympic sports in which they were thrown great distances.

23. Six-Petal Rosette 

The six-petal rose is a Slavic symbol of courage. It symbolizes a labyrinth that takes great pains to make it through but is a beautiful image if viewed from afar, from a different perspective.

24. The Sheela na Gig

Sheela na Gig is a series of carvings of women. Though some believe them to be crude, for others, they represent the beauty and strength of feminine energy.

25. Venus

Venus is a Roman goddess of love and victory. She represents everything it takes to persevere despite the world working against you. She defied the odds by becoming a female god that was more than beauty.

26. Beard

Beards represent courage and masculine energy in many cultures. They are one of the oldest symbols of bravery and acceptance of oneself.

27. Fasces

Fasces is a bundle of rods that show strength in unity. Alone, one rod is weak, but if bundled together, it becomes a nearly unbreakable weapon that grants courage to each rod within it.

28. Herakles

Herakles, or Hercules, is one of the strongest figures in Greek or Roman mythology. He is present in some form in both cultures and is often considered the epitome of courage.

29. Prometheus

Prometheus is a Greek god of fire. He is one of the bravest creatures in all of mythology because he stole from the Olympians despite their great strength and power to fight him off.

30. Phoenix

The phoenix is a brave creature that never gives up. It has the ability to rise from the ashes of its own tomb to fight another day despite being defeated.

31. Griffin

The griffin is part eagle and part lion, making it twice as courageous as most other creatures. It has an unmatched strength meant to inspire people of all cultures.

Flowers That Symbolize Courage

  • Lotus – a flower that symbolizes the strength it takes to overcome adversity
  • Borage – a tiny flower that represents courage because the name borage comes from a word that means “I bring courage.”
  • Plum Blossom – the national flower of Taiwan due to its history of blooming in harsh winters

Plants That Symbolize Courage

  • Thyme – an herb that has medical properties that were common in Greek culture due to its link to courage and bravery
  • Oak Tree – as one of the strongest trees, the Oak is a symbol of courage and perseverance.
  • Fern – symbols of female courage in African and Celtic cultures

Animal Courage Symbols

  • Wolves – an animal that shows the power of collective culture and how it brings courage
  • Lion – a common symbol of fearlessness that dates back to ancient Egypt and the goddess Sekhmet
  • Rooster – a domestic courage symbol that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia
  • Eaglea symbol of bravery due to its power to take down animals stronger and larger than it is
  • Goldfish – a fish popular in Asian cultures due to its bravery in the face of larger fish

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