Animals That Symbolize Strength

Animals that symbolize strength represent power, perseverance, and willpower. Animal strength symbols have diverse meanings in different cultures to help people all over the world gain determination.

Animals That Symbolize Strength

20 Animal Symbols of Strength And Power

1. Gorilla

Gorillas are strong animals that can lift over 1500 lbs. They utilize this strength in fights and when looking for food, despite being primarily herbivorous. Though gorillas have immense physical strength, they’re not the only primates (or monkeys) that are strong.

  • Rhesus macaque are small apes that are known for stealing items larger than they should be able to carry
  • Howler monkeys have incredible reach length with their arms something being able to span five times their body length
  • Orangatun also have long arms but don’t lack pure physical strength either
  • Chimpanzees check all the boxes as they have all types of strength
  • Bonobos far outdo humans in jump height (compared to top athletes) and raw strength

2. Bull

Bulls have bravery, willpower, and physical strength. Their head force can be over one ton on an adult bull. It’s no wonder there are so many idioms about bulls.

3. Butterfly

Butterflies represent strength in the struggle. They symbolize the ability to come out of every struggle stronger than before.

If a butterfly is forced out of its cocoon, it will die. This is a good parallel for life and what we must do to become who we’re meant to be.

4. Bear

Bears are symbols of strength. They are uncontestedly physically and mentally strong, respected animals. From their brute force to their intelligence, bears rise above most other creatures in strength.

5. Beaver

Beavers are amazing, strong animals. This may be a confusing addition to the list because these animal symbols do not have traditional strength. Their strength is well-rounded.

  • Beavers build their own homes with their families
  • They impact entire ecosystems with their dams
  • They use their tails in ingenious ways, such as in fights, to build homes, or warn other animals
  • They also do not hibernate, granting them incredible natural stamina

6. Fox

Foxes are great at adapting to any circumstance and are one of the most agile creatures on earth. They are animals that symbolize strength because they are intelligent survivors who can travel thousands of miles in a short amount of time.

7. Eel

The electric eel is an apex predator, being prey to none. Sharks and alligators may eat them, but they refuse to go without a fight and are never purposely hunted. They can generate up to 800 volts of electricity with one shock.

8. Dung Beetle

Dung beetles are unexpectedly strong bugs that should not be underestimated. They may make you wrinkle your nose, but these insects can pull and push over 1000 times their weight. This is the same as an average human pulling two 18-wheelers.

9. Rhino

Rhinos are one of the strongest herbivores on earth. They can run over 30 mph despite their weight and can hit with a force of over 8000 pounds. However, the most surprising strength is in their bite, which is up to 1000 psi.

10. Elephant

Elephants are an expected addition to the list. They are animals that symbolize strength because they can lift over 800 lbs and have a trunk strike force of 6000 lbs per square inch. On top of that, they have thick skin that is difficult to penetrate.

11. Badger

Honey badgers are strong and brave animal symbols. They may not be fast, but they hit hard for their size and can crack turtle shells with their claws and teeth. Though other animals may be able to overpower it physically, honey badgers’ strength comes from their insane willpower.

12. Anaconda

Anacondas are the strongest snakes in the world. They have incredible squeeze force thanks to their size and body type, making them an object of fear for many humans.

13. Orca

Orcas are animal symbols of strength in the ocean. This sea creature is one of the strongest in the ocean and could even be considered the king of the ocean since it does not have any predators. Yet that’s not where its strength ends.

  • Orcas have a bite force of nearly 20,000 psi
  • They can swim up to 40 miles per day at 35 mph
  • They can dive up to 3,500 feet
  • They are amazing hunters with their incredible eyesight despite not having a sense of smell

14. Wolf

Wolves are strong pack animal symbols. They show that there is strength in number, representing not just strength but loyalty, family, and independence. This great balance grants them great power.

15. Crocodile

Crocodiles are fearless animals with incredible strength. They have a bite force of nearly 5000 psi, which is the strongest of any land animal ever recorded.

16. Tardigrade

Tardigrades are strong animal symbols that are known by a few. They are the animals most likely to survive an apocalypse as they can survive freezing or boiling temperatures. They can do this because they can expel 95% of the water from their body and curl up into a cryosleep of sorts.

17. Eagle

Eagles are strong in every way. They are fast, physically strong, and intelligent. They are apex predators who are admired by almost every human on Earth, who give them great spiritual significance.

18. Peacock

Peacocks are brave and bold animal symbols of strength. They can choose to camouflage or strut their stuff with the ability to take on animals larger than themselves with their shark beak and talons. But their greatest strength is in their self-acceptance.

19. Ant

Ants are the strongest animals when you compare their weight to their strength. It can lift at least ten times its own weight, usually much more.

  • Ants spent a lot of time working on their strength for their tribe
  • The ant’s exoskeleton protects it from exterior impact
  • Ants work together as a “pack,” giving them strength in number
  • Because of their size, gravity is on their side
  • Some ants have other strengths not regarding their carry weight
  • The bulldog ant can kill a human in minutes with its stinger venom
  • Fire ants can secrete a pheromone that calls for other ants to help it attack with painful bites and sometimes cause anaphylactic shock

20. Owl

Owls are mentally and physically strong. They watch for the right moment, conserving energy, to swoop down for prey with force as strong as an eagle.

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