Symbols of transformation can inspire you to take steps toward positive change. Whether it’s a natural symbol such as a butterfly or one you may have to actively seek, such as Uranus, transformation symbols can help you grow and develop.

Symbols of Transformation

15 Symbols Of Transformation and Change

1. Janus

The Roman god Janus symbolizes new beginnings and transformation. He is the god of doorways, gates, and transitions.

2. Spring

Spring is a common symbol of transformation. Everything changes in the spring, from the weather to the wildlife. Many animals even come out of hiding in the spring.

3. Lamat

The Mayan symbol Lamat represents fertility, abundance, and transformation. It is connected to rabbits, which can also symbolize change and rapid growth.

4. Sunrise

Sunrise symbolizes the start of something good. This is often the start of a transformation, as each day is a new day filled with endless possibilities.

5. Uranus

Uranus is the planet of transformation. It signifies change, motivation, and opening yourself up to new experiences. The planet is connected to personal changes in astrology.

6. Persephone

Persephone is the Greek goddess of spring. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, who was picking flowers when her uncle Hades kidnapped her and married her.

Her mother was so distraught that the plants began to die. When her daughter returned, the plants began to come back to life.

7. Egg

The egg is a symbol of new beginnings and transformation. They have many historical ties connecting them to such, and today, they are used to symbolize the transformation of sinners through Christ’s offering.

8. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a symbol of transformation. He’s a symbol that is over 1000 years old, depicted as a snake eating its tail, a perfect sign of self-regeneration.

9. Wine

Wine is a sign of transformation because it gets better with age. Even the winemaking process is a good way to explain transformation, sustenance, and purity.

10. Fountain

Fountains represent purification and transformation. They have natural cleansing properties, and mythical symbols, such as the Fountain of Youth or Aphrodite’s Fountain, are often shown as fountains.

11. Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot symbolizes transformation. Though it has many meanings, it also has no beginning or end, which represents how transformation is an ongoing process.

12. Arsenic Symbol

The arsenic symbol in alchemy represents transformation. This is because it can change the appearance of what it touches.

13. Moon

The moon goes through many phases in a month, which completes its transformation. Many religions and belief systems give the moon strong ties, but it always comes down to change.

14. Phoenix

The phoenix is a mythical creature of transformation. It can die and be reborn stronger than ever, rising from the ashes of its grave to come back and do great things.

15. Pine Cone

The pine cone looks unassuming, but it grows into a tall, strong pine tree. They work as a womb for the seeds, keeping them safe, producing pollen, and dispersing the seeds as needed.

Flowers That Symbolize Transformation

  • Daffodil a symbol of spring and transformation
  • Iris – also the name of the Greek Goddess of rainbows and transformation
  • Crocus – they thrive in the winter but blossom greatly when spring hits
  • Lily – rebirth, transformation, and renewal
  • Daisy – a reminder that no matter what we go through, we can be new

Animal Transformation Symbols

  • Swan – the tale of the Ugly Duckling is a good reminder of the transformation
  • Alligator – they can regrow their tales and adapt to many environments
  • Bear – they emerge in the spring recharged and ready for a new life
  • Butterfly – the most obvious symbol of change and transformation
  • Snake – the hearty creatures can regrow and shed their skin
  • Owl – intelligent birds who represent strong decision-making skills
  • Frog – their life stages are easy to follow, representing a unique metamorphosis

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