Symbols of war can represent a healthy conflict. They can be useful in overcoming internal battles or to fight for what is right. They can also help control anger and unnecessary conflict within yourself. This is because war is a broader concept than you may think.

Symbols of War

11 War Symbols to Feel Victorious

1. Z

Z is a symbol of war in many countries, though it was recently used by Russia, where it was painted on Russian tanks. The Z is meant to mean “for victory.”

2. Horus

Horus is an Egyptian god of war. He is notorious for his eye, which watches over its enemies like a falcon, the animal that represents Horus.

3. Arrow

The arrow is a common symbol of war. It is one of the oldest weapons in history, with two arrows, in particular, referencing war. If the arrow is pointing down, it represents peace.

4. Shanka

Shanka is a trumpet in Hindu rituals. It is similar to a war horn for battle cries to warn allies of incoming attacks.

5. War Horseman

The Horseman of War of the Apocalypse rides a red horse. He signifies war that is about to begin and some believe he causes wars when he enters.

6. Xochiyáoyotl

Xochiyáoyotl is an Aztec symbol of war. It was used by the Aztecs to represent a war that has a purpose and is less fatal than the typical war and a type of war that one would be proud do die in.

7. Mjölnir

Mjölnir is Thor’s hammer, which many recognize from the MCU. It was owned by the god of war, Thor, in Norse mythology, which is where it gets its meaning.

8. Achilles’ Shield

Achilles’ Shield is a Greek symbol of war. While Achilles’ Heel represents weakness, his shield represents war, specifically dominance and superiority during conflict.

9. Mitsu Tomoe

Mitsu Tomoe is a Japanese symbol of war. It is connected to Shintoism and was worshipped by many at one point. The picture is meant to have three heads – heaven, earth, and the underworld.

10. Akoben

Akoben is a war horn of African origins. It represents an incoming war and is a warning when wars approach. It encourages us to remain vigilant and ready every moment.

11. Red

Red is the color of war due to the bloodshed it represents. The color also represents passion, anger, power, and danger. All of these are aspects of war which deepen the connection between conflict and the color red.

Flowers That Symbolize War

  • Black-eyed Susan – represents war brought on by a desire for justice
  • Crab Blossom – represents needless war
  • Nasturtium – stands for victory in battle
  • Tansy – a declaration of war
  • Hyssop – stands for the sacrifices of war
  • Orange Lily – represents the hatred of war
  • Dill – stands for fighting against evil

Crystals That Symbolize War

  • Agate – grants warrior’s strength
  • Lapis Lazuli – for healing conflicts
  • Smoky Quartz – another stone for warriors
  • Rose Quartz – strengthens bonds during war

Animal War Symbols

  • Boar – a Celtic animal of war
  • Bees – represent an alliance and the power in numbers during war
  • Bear – another strong animal that represents war, even being used during WWII
  • Elephants – one of the oldest animals of war, taken to the frontlines for thousands of years

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