Symbols of chaos can help you utilize disorder or reduce it. Chaos is an inevitable part of life, so rather than trying to eliminate it, using it for the greater good is a good path you can take. However, identifying chaos isn’t all that easy.

Symbols of Chaos

17 Symbols of Chaos to Control Your Inner Emotions

1. Chaos Star

The Chaos Star is the most important symbol of chaos. The shape represents scattered energy pointing off in eight directions. But it also stands for the positive side of chaos, which is shifting, opening up to possibilities, and trying something that doesn’t feel in your control.

2. Anarchy Symbol

The anarchy symbol is represented with a capital A. It represents freedom and chaos and how the two are often intertwined because to find freedom, one must go through chaos. Anarchists often believe they must cause chaos to receive freedom.

3. Leviathan Cross

The Leviathan Cross represents rebellion and chaos. The symbol is often associated with Satanism, though it can also represent inner strength and fighting against what you believe to be mainstream.

4. Inverted Pentagram

The inverted pentagram usually represents the occult and chaos. It stands for the five elements of nature in chaos magic. The point pointing down symbolizes the earth used to ground us during the chaos.

5. Celtic Knot of Entwined Snakes

The Celtic Knot has a different meaning when intertwined with snakes. While the normal Celtic Knot is one of peace, the one with snakes ensures chaos from stress, anxiety, and overwhelming life.

6. Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg is an ancient symbol of chaos. It is believed that cracking the egg represents the birth of peace from chaos. When this happens, it means that war and chaos are coming to an end.

7. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a symbol of chaos and death. It represents the endless nature of death in almost every culture and the chaos that has the ability to destroy if we allow it to.

8. Black Sun

The Black Sun is a symbol of chaos and esotericism. It has twelve rays which have a similar meaning to the Chaos Star symbol. This symbol is always negative, though, because it is connected to the Nazi party and white supremacy.

9. Hydra

The hydra is a mythological creature whose heads grow back when they are cut off. The hydra is a difficult creature to kill, which enhances the chaotic meaning. They represent transformation, resilience, and chaos.

10. Fire

Fire is the most chaotic element. It can easily get out of control if not monitored and contained. While water can also be chaotic, it has a sense of peace to balance it.

11. Tornado

Tornados and other similar natural disasters represent chaos. They are the most chaotic part of nature, with the ability to destroy cities, and even countries, in a short amount of time.

12. Black

Black is the color of chaos. Most depictions of chaos have a black background that feels hopeless.

The foreground may be colorful or bland, but the most common color for a chaotic background is ironically plain. This is a great example of how the base for chaos is often bleak rather than bright and dramatic.

13. Acacia

The acacia tree is a symbol of chaos, change, death, and protection. Because of its shape, the tree was once believed that those who were born under the acacia were shielded from chaos. The acacia tree arched its back to represent a goddess who protected them.

14. Eris

Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos. She is known for causing disagreements and arguments within families and groups. She uses small amounts of anger to cause chaos that can result in death and destruction.

15. Shiva

Lord Shiva and her trident Trishula are Hindu symbols of chaos. They represent destruction and disorder. However, they are not to be avoided but instead, be utilized and controlled so one is not controlled by anger and chaos.

16. Apep

Apep is an Egyptian god of chaos. The symbol is a giant snake that is an enemy of the god Ra.

The snake supposedly lived near the Nile and was up to 16 yards long. Many rituals involved defeating Apep (or a snake in his stead) and dismembering him.

17. Sky

Native American lore often mentions the sky when speaking of chaos. One Navajo legend tells of a woman who attempted to write the laws using the stars before she was tricked by a coyote of chaos.

Another similar tale also mentions the coyote who wasn’t allowed to join the other animals after creation to live in the fourth world. Refusing to obey the creators, he caused chaos and was punished for it.

Flowers That Symbolize Chaos

  • Wildflowers – known for their artistic touch and ability to thrive in any situation
  • Sunflower – a flower that always stays positive during chaos
  • Poppy – a beautiful flower that stands for loss and the chaos of war
  • Dahlia – a flower that represents the good and bad sides of chaos
  • Anemone – artistic chaos to spread a message

Crystals That Symbolize Chaos

  • Black Tourmaline – a crystal that represents the goddess Chaos
  • Blue Lace Agate – helps communicate during chaos
  • Amethyst – an all-purpose stone of peace
  • Sunstone – a stone that helps you stay positive during chaos
  • Hematite – a crystal that helps you stay calm during chaos

Animal Chaos Symbols

  • Coyote – the number one animal of chaos in many tales and folklore
  • Snake – a common symbol of suffering and chaos
  • Toad – often represents chaotic plagues and an abundance of pain
  • Dingo – a wild dog that represents the chaos of nature

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