Symbols of masculinity allow people to channel masculine power. Healthy pride in masculine power offers great benefits to you and those around you.

Symbols of Masculinity

The world we live in is quick to focus on toxic masculinity, either in practice or condemnation. But there is such a concept as healthy masculinity.

Every human has a balance of feminine and masculine energy. The ratio for these is different in each individual, with some feeling a stronger pull toward masculinity within them.

But anyone can use masculinity symbols to channel parts of them they feel need improvement. Find the symbols that speak to you.

What are Masculinity Symbols?

Masculinity symbols help unlock the natural masculine energy inside of you. Whether you need more control over your life or courage, masculine symbols help.

They tie to the traditional aspects of masculinity, making it easy for anyone to utilize in a healthy way. They do not disrupt the feminine energy within but rather enhance the masculine to grant balance.

Which Color Symbolizes Masculinity?

Blue is the color of masculinity in modern-day times. Traditionally, it was not as other colors were marketed as male colors.

In the 18th century, pink and blue were worn by both males and females. Though women wore it, the color was considered much more masculine than it was feminine.

It wasn’t until the 1900s that department stores began marketing pink and blue as they are seen today. They did so to encourage parents to rebuy clothing if they had a boy baby then a girl baby, or vice versa. Before then, parents often reused nightgowns and considered most baby clothing gender-neutral.

Today, there is empirical evidence that blue is strongly associated with masculinity. Pink, on the other hand, is tied to femininity.

Flowers Symbols of Masculinity

  • Orchid – the white variant is a popular masculine flower, typical for housewarming gifts
  • Succulents – cactus and similar small plants make great gifts for men that represent protection and determination
  • Peace Lily – a common flower to offer peace and brotherhood
  • Sweet William – the name alone associates the gallant knight flower with masculinity

Plants That Symbolize Masculinity

  • Venus Fly Trap – a hostile plant that represents the fight for masculinity
  • ZZ Plant – a cleansing plant that symbolizes masculine power
  • Spider Plant – a hearty plant that is a common choice for men

Animal Masculinity Symbols

  • Ram – a symbol of Aries, a traditionally masculine star sign that represents dominance and passion
  • Stag – a male deer seen as king of the forest
  • Koi Fish – an Asian symbol of masculinity, particularly the black variant
  • Bull – a male bovine that is the symbol of masculinity in many cultures

13 Symbols of Masculinity

Religious Symbols of Masculinity

1. Crook and Flail

Perhaps the most common symbol of masculinity is the crook and flail. The shepherd’s and farmer’s tools are symbols of leadership, protection, and agriculture.

2. Lingam

Lingam is a Hindu symbol of Shiva that stands for masculinity. The abstract physical item helps manifest masculine energy in a positive and divine way.

3. Beard

Many religions share the association of beards with masculinity. The reason is simple; the more testosterone in the body, the easier it is in most cases to grow a beard. But there are ulcer religious ties with some religions requiring beards for men.

4. Chokmah

A symbol that looks like a crosshair yet represents wisdom and divine masculinity. The simple symbol may stand for wisdom, but it is also one of the only symbols of pure masculinity.

Ancient Symbols of Masculinity

5. Eye of Horus

Protection is one of the primary aspects of traditional masculinity. Because of the association, the protective Eye of Horus is a masculine symbol in Egyptian culture.

6. Lightning

Zeus is the king of all gods in Greek mythology. He resides in Mount Olympus and wields lightning, giving him power over the weather. The god is often tied to masculinity due to his kingship.

7. Knife

Knives are masculine symbols in Chinese and Celtic cultures. The weapon is a common tool for young men to use in coming-of-age rituals, often requiring sacrifices or intentional injuries.

8. Sun

While the moon is feminine, the sun is masculine. Determination, boldness, and endurance of the sun grant it ties to masculine power.

9. Mars

The planet of femininity is Venus, and the planet of masculinity is Mars. They both get their names from the Roman Gods of the same name. Mars is the father of Rome’s founder, war, and everything that separates men and women.

10. Trident

Though it has origins in Greek, Roman, and other cultures, the Taoist tradition connects to power, masculinity, and control. Taoists do this in a healthy way by calling the trident the symbol of Three Pure Ones, similar to the Christian Holy Trinity.

Simple Symbols of Masculinity

11. Fire

The primary alchemical symbol of masculinity is fire. Those who use alchemy see fire as a symbol of power, passion, and positive change. People who want to balance their emotions and express a range of them in a healthy way utilize fire.

12. Sulfur

Sulfur is an alchemy symbol related to fire. The symbol of masculinity is the opposite of mercury, a feminine symbol. Sulfur helps expand the consciousness and finds healthy value in the material world.

13. Protection Symbol

The Viking symbol for protection is associated with masculinity. Nordic ancients used the Vegvisir symbol to show determination and a vow to protect their families.

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