Native American Animal

Native American animal symbols are an ancient representation of what each animal stands for. They can be in the form of spirit animals, totem animals, or guides. In Native American culture, animal symbolism is extremely significant.

Native American Animal Symbols

12 Native American Animal Symbols to Guide You

1. Anteater

Anteaters are spiritual guides who are curious and observant problem-solvers. They are good for helping you answer tough questions and pay attention to details.

2. Badger

Badgers are brave and determined. But they also absorb the energy of others. This can help one become more empathic or tune into why you pick up on what others are feeling.

3. Bat

Bats are intuitive and adventurous. Those seeking the bat spirit guide may want to find meaning in everything and want to be good at listening.

4. Bear

Bears are instinctive and protective. They are the best animal guardians and have natural healing powers due to their nurturing nature.

5. Cat

Cats are mysterious and astute. They know what is going on around them even when they appear aloof. Use the cat totem or spirit guide to draw in deeper sensuality and magical energy.

6. Dragon

Dragons are prosperous and wise. Though mythical, they can still be your spirit guide, full of passion and longevity.

7. Eagle

Eagles are divine spirits with a direct connection to the creator. Despite being loners, they symbolize freedom and intelligence without hesitating to sacrifice for others.

8. Goat

Goats symbolize stability and diligence. They may appear dull, but they represent a determination that isn’t found in any other animal guide. Goats are never afraid to live in the moment and be themselves.

9. Monkey

Monkeys are adaptable and good at communication. Bring in a monkey totem to broaden your horizons and connect with people who aren’t like you.

10. Rabbit

Rabbits are artistic and joyful. They are super fertile creatures who can bring that blessing to those who surround themself with rabbit totems or allow themself to be guided by the spirit.

11. Stag

Stags are regenerative and meaningful. The masculine energy can be channeled by anyone to strengthen your core and give you more power over your life.

12. Turtle

Turtles are shy and innocent but have a life full of protective energy. They will do anything for their loved ones and have more patience than any other animal guide.

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