Symbols of truth represent transparency and honesty. You may see them whenever you need to be honest in your life, or you may surround yourself with symbols of truth by choice. These symbols exist to better our lives and relationships with verity.

Symbols of Truth

20 Symbols for Truth And Transparency

1. Captain America

 The hero stands for truth and freedom. Captain America: Symbol of Truth is a comic book series following Sam Wilson as Captain America.

2. Owl

Athena’s owl is an Ancient Greek symbol of truth. Because of this, the animal has been a symbol of truth for centuries.

3.  Awen

The Awen is the Celtic symbol of truth, love, and wisdom. The three lines represent one of each, though the symbol has many interpretations.

4. Dharma Wheel

The word dharma means “truth.” So it’s only natural that this popular helm represents truth, something important in Buddhist philosophy. The mandala is another symbol of truth and wisdom.

5. The Knot

The knot is a Chinese symbol of truth. While the knot represents many endless things, the truth is one of those things that the Endless Knot stands for in China.

6. The Latin Cross

The cross often represents Christ, who is a symbol of the truth and life. It is believed that only by confessing our truths shall we receive salvation.

7. Ostrich Feather

The ostrich feather represents truth because it represents Maat, the goddess of truth and justice. She is depicted with an ostrich feather in her hair.

8. Biwa

Benzaiten is the goddess of literature, wisdom, and truth in Japanese folklore. She is depicted with the biwa (Japanese lute) in her arms.

9. Pentagram

The pentagram has many meanings, and one of them is truth. The origin of this is unknown, but many believe that one of the points represents truth.

10. Maltese Cross

The Maltese cross is a symbol of truth that represents someone willing to lay down their life for another. It is now worn by firefighters.

11. Flaming Chalice

The flaming chalice represents grounded truth. Though there are many interpretations of this symbol, it is often used to represent whatever the believer feels it does.

12. Eye of Providence

The Eye of Providence reaches many religions as a symbol of truth. It represents the all-seeing eye, which no one can hide from. You can find it on the back of a USD dollar bill.

13. Eagle

The eagle is a Native American symbol of truth. It represents wisdom and strength, finding those who are truth-tellers.

14.  Head of Mimir

Mimir was a hostage to the Aesir known for symbolizing truth. He was eventually decapitated and preserved.

15. Sehaliah

Sehaliah is an angel who represents the truth. Her encouragement helps others share their opinions without the fear of judgment.

16. Hunab Ku

The Mayan symbol for truth may be the Hunab Ku. It represents “the one god.” This god represents truth, strength, and purity.

17. Veritas

Veritas is the Roman goddess of truth. She can see all truths and often forces those holding back to reveal their hidden truths.

18.  Xochitl

The Xochitl flower symbol has many meanings, and one of them is truth. The feminine symbol represents all good things, such as love, truth, and beauty.

19. Justice

In tarot cards, the justice card represents truth. This is similar to the scales of justice seen throughout history

20. Mirror

The mirror is a universal symbol of truth. You can’t hide from the truths of the mirror, which is depicted in songs, stories, and poems.

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