Symbols of friendship are emblems or wildlife that represent the connection individuals share. Surround yourself with them to attract good friendships or give them as gifts to friends you care for.

Symbols for Friendship in Different Cultures

20 Symbols for Friendship

1. Yu-Gi-Oh 

The card ‘Symbol of Friendship’ symbolizes the connection that the four main characters share. Many fans use this card as a way to show affection to their friends. The painted hands that create a smiley face are also easy to replicate.

2. Shin’yu

Shin’yu is a word in Japanese that means best friend. You can put the Kanji for the word on a gift for your friend.

3. Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is a common gift of friendship or engagement. It features two hands holding a heart with a crown. Though it is a symbol that you may place on anything, it is generally a real ring for the finger.

4. Ese Ne Tekrema

Ese Ne Tekrema is an Adrinka symbol that means teeth and tongue. You can see these two if you look closely. The point is that the two rely on each other and work together, just as friends do.

5. Tattoos

Tattoos have become modern symbols of friendship because they represent a permanent connection the two share. It takes commitment to get matching tattoos, which shows you are committed to each other.

6. Turtle Doves

Turtle doves are common Christmas symbols of friendship. Doves have long represented peace and love in the Christian faith. In Home Alone 2, the friendship between two characters is represented by turtle doves.

7. Shrivatsa

The Shrivatsa is a mark that means “beloved of Shri.” It is a favorable sign that one uses to show the endless devotion one has for another. The Endless Knot is closely related to this sign and works as a stand-in..

8. Thekkur

Thekkur is a symbol of friendship in Nordic culture. It literally means “welcome one” and is easy to replicate, making it a perfect gift.

9. Tama

Tama is the Zibu symbol of friendship. The simple drawing is recognized in many cultures, but it is always a gift from the angels.

10. Arrows

The two arrows originated in native cultures and is used throughout North America to represent friendship. The arrows usually point in the same direction, showing companionship.

11. Four Interlocking Hands

Four interlocking hands are a common symbol that is a universal symbol for peace and friendship. The strength of this symbol relies on its representation of friendship in adversity and honoring differences.

12. Pikoura

The Maori symbol for friendship is the Pikoura. This twisted symbol represents life and the connection we share, the priority of the human connection.

13. Lighthouse

Most coastal cities and villages recognize the lighthouse as an emblem of friendship and guidance. The house reminds us to help our friends stay true to themselves with gentleness.

14. Friendship Bracelet

The American symbol of friendship has been the friendship bracelet for decades. The bracelet must be handmade, even if not by the person giving it to their friend.

15. Rakhi

Rakhi is a Hindu ceremony to celebrate friendship. It is represented with jewelry and other adornments that one gives to someone they see as a sibling.

16. Rhodonite Ball

The Rhodonite ball is a common symbol of friendship and healing. In Greek culture, the pinkish-red and black stone represents the healing powers of friendship.

17. Hands

Hands have been a symbol of friendship for centuries. The earliest written signs of this are from the 1500s, but it is believed to be much older.

18. Yǒuyì

Yǒuyì is a Chinese symbol often used to symbolize a romantic interest. But it can represent a platonic friendship as well.

19. Interlocked Fingers

Two interlocked fingers with hands facing different directions are the American Sign for friendship. Use this to show someone who knows ASL that you care.

20. Interlocking Hearts

Interlocking hearts or two pieces of one heart are universal signs of friendship. So you don’t need to speak the same language to show affection, just give one half of your heart as a gift of jewelry.

What is the True Meaning of Friendship?

Friendship is a type of platonic affection that two people share. Every culture acknowledges the importance of friendships, which come and go throughout life. Friendships are defined by a few traits: interaction, consent, non-obligatory, equality, and companionship.

Types of Friendships

  • Acquaintances – this includes work friends who you are forced to be around and who have found camaraderie through your surroundings.
  • Group friends – this includes friends of friends who you hang with in a group but are never alone with.
  • Close friends – close friends are friends that you can be honest with and enjoy spending time alone with.
  • Activity friends – activity friends enjoy the same things you do, giving you someone to do what you love with, but aren’t necessarily close friends.
  • Forever friends – these are the friends that you can always trust. You may go through times with less contact, but you can always be transparent and count on each other.

Flower That Symbolizes Friendship

The yellow rose symbolizes friendship. They are often given as gifts to old friends or to offer friendship to someone new. Other friendship flowers include chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and daffodils.

Color That Symbolizes Friendship

Yellow is the color of friendship. The color is joyful and carefree, which is what friendships should also be. The fact that yellow represents friendships is part of why the yellow rose is the primary friendship flower.

Best Gems for Friendship

  • Peridot – celebrates the friendships that are important to you.
  • Moss Agate – balances the friendships, giving them proper equality and priority.
  • Topaz – symbolizes the joy of friends.
  • Lapis Lazuli – used to show others how you feel.
  • Amethyst – to celebrate the healthiest, most reliable friendships.
  • Rose Quartz – unconditional friendship.

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