Symbols of growth are signs, emblems, and natural elements representing positive development. They make amazing gifts to honor someone going through changes or to add to your home to encourage spiritual growth.

Universal Symbols of Growth

10 Universal Symbols of Growth

1. Footprints

Footprints are a symbol of growth that represents what we’ve gone through. The good and bad days are paved into the past with the footprints we’ve made. But it’s the empty path ahead that we must choose where we put those footprints. As we go through this path, we grow each day, making it easier to make that decision.

2. Egg

The egg is a symbol of growth in many cultures. Eggs have an unknown future and have their whole lives ahead of them. They represent new life and growth.

3. Books

Books are a symbol of growth and knowledge. Sometimes, growth comes from what we learn in life. Some days, we naturally grow from knowledge, and other days, we make a choice to change the parts of our lives that we are discontent with.

4. Labrinth/Maze

A labyrinth is a symbol of growth. It represents the path we take in life as things get hard, reminding us to trust our instincts but ensure that what we feel are instincts aren’t echoed voices from the past.

5. Spring

Seasonal change is a symbol of growth. However, spring is the season with the strongest sense of growth, as that is as plants see the greatest transformation, with more births in nature than deaths.

6. Phoenix

The phoenix is a symbol of growth that rises from the ashes, stronger than ever. This ultimate emblem for transformation encourages us to see the light on the dark days, letting us know that we can become stronger for it.

7. Arrow

The arrow, especially if pointing up, is a symbol of growth. It points towards new things and leaves behind what inhibited us from growing before.

8. Mountains

Mountains are a symbol of growth, representing hurdles we must overcome. But with our faith and what we’ve learned as we grow, we can climb the mountain or move it. A Christian symbol relating to mountains is the mustard seed, giving us the faith to move such mountains.

9. Acorn

The acorn is a symbol of growth. It reminds us that a small seed can grow into one of the largest and strongest trees around. The origins of the symbolism date back to ancient Celtic and Scandinavian regions.

10. Shooting Stars

The shooting star is a symbol of growth. They represent spiritual growth and the belief that we have the power to make a difference. Wishing on stars dates back to ancient Egypt, during an era Ptolemy lived, believing they were gifts from the gods.

What Is Growth?

Growth is the process of increasing in any way. This can mean physical, but in cases of symbols of growth, it refers to spiritual or mental growth.

Which Color Symbolizes Growth?

Green is the color that symbolizes growth. Green is the color of the majority of living things on Earth, making it the perfect color to represent growth. All life grows in the first stages, and some never stop growing.

Flowers That Symbolize Growth

  • Lotus – the flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and the ability to grow even if the environment doesn’t encourage it.
  • Lilac – the flower that represents rebirth smells amazing, which adds to the sensory powers, increasing spiritual strength.

Animal Symbols of Growth

  • Koi Fish – a well-respected fish in Chinese and Japanese lore known to represent change and growth.
  • Robin – a bird with a wonderful tale of growth as it is so adept at transitioning from a baby to an adult.
  • Frog – the amphibian has many stages that it must go through to reach an adult, which is why it represents growth.
  • Spider – the arachnid is a strong symbol of growth, independence, and transformation.
  • Butterfly – the insect undergoes more physical changes than most, eventually sprouting wings and flying.

Tree That Symbolizes Growth

The willow tree is a symbol of growth. While all trees can represent growth, the willow tree is a special plant that stands for rejuvenation, longevity, and growth. That is the pure meaning of the willow tree, not just because it is a tree.

Ancient Symbols of Growth

  • Ajet – the Egyptian symbol symbolizes a sunrise and sunset, a full day to grow, living in the present.
  • Inanna – the Sumerian Goddess of the underworld symbolizes coming out the other end of a tunnel as a stronger person.
  • Dharma Wheel – the Buddist symbol has many meanings, but growth is one of the most powerful.
  • Yin Yang – the Chinese symbol stands for balance and growth, as becoming balanced is one of the core values of positive transformation.
  • Celtic Spirals – the Triskelion is another name for this mesmerizing symbol of growth.

Crystals For Growth

  • Blue Kyanite – gorgeous blue kyanite can help with emotional growth, preventing self-sabotage.
  • Amethyst – a powerful crystal that translates to “not intoxicated,” bringing healing, stabilization, and growth to those who are near.
  • Aventurine – a green stone that brings good luck, love, and transformation.
  • Carnelian – the highly energetic stone that is said to ease pain and encourage growth.
  • Blue Lace Agate – another blue crystal that helps with spiritual growth and self-expression.

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