Symbols of duality are useful tools you can use to embrace positive duplexity. When you understand complex terminology like duality, you can utilize it to your benefit as well as the benefit of those around you.

Symbols of Duality

15 Symbols of Duality And Accepting It

1. Fire and Water

Fire and water are equally important symbols of duality. One gives us sustenance, and the other warmth. Without them, humanity would have died off thousands or even millions of years ago.

2. Eiwaz Rune

The Eiwaz Rune is a Nordic symbol of duality. Its symmetry represents duality in its final form, first created from the yew tree, which also represents duality.

3. Traditional Scales

Scales represent duality because they can be perfectly balanced. They are used to find balance in things and are also symbols of justice.

4. Sun and Moon

The sun and moon are symbols of duality. They need each other to survive, taking turns lighting our world and giving us a healthy dose of darkness and light. Both are loved by many people, showing us that there is no evil in duality.

5. Chakana

Chakana was a symbol of duality in the Inca empire. It means the duality of seasons, land, and more. The black-and-white symbol isn’t as common as others, making it even more special because duality is not always obvious.

6. Janus

Janus is a Roman god with two faces. He is a symbol of duality, a god of war and peace, using doors and gates to symbolize the presence of such.

7. Yin Yang

Yin and Yang are important symbols of duality. They are composed of two opposing forces that join together perfectly in unison. They represent every opposite and every sense of duality in the physical or spiritual world.

8. Satkona

Satkona is a Hindu symbol of duality. It creates a star from two triangles set with a dot in the middle, which is a perfect symbol of the duality of masculine and feminine energy, which we all have both of.

9. Eagle Feather

Eagle feathers are symbols of duality, especially golden eagle feathers. They are complete with light and dark energy.

10. Double Fish

Double fish is a symbol of duality. They can be Koi fish or goldfish, depending on the culture, but they always work together to create a full presence, spiritual and physical.

11. Double Spiral

The double spiral is a Celtic symbol of duality. It coils one way and the other, is usually black and white and is an amazing example of how two opposites can be so aesthetically pleasing.

12. The Number 2

The number 2 is the number of duality. It represents two sides of the same coin and how we must embrace both sides of ourselves to live full lives.

13. Red Thread

Red thread is an example of duality. This duality symbol connects anything with clear motives. In the physical world, it also seems weak when a single piece is shown but can become extremely strong when woven together.

14. Shiva’s Eye Shell

Shiva’s Eye is the name of a unique shell named after a goddess of the wind. She connects land and sea just as the shell does, giving us another example of duality.

15. Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis is a Pythagorean symbol of two intersecting circles. It is a good example of duality and how two things come together to create something beautiful.

Flowers That Symbolize Duality

  • Rose – the war of the roses gave this beautiful thorny flower its symbolism.
  • Resnova – the African flower has gorgeous double leaves that look strong yet are vulnerable to habitat destruction.
  • Sacred Datura – the sweet-looking plant that has the ability to kill with its poison.

Animal Duality Symbols

  • Magpie – this bird is a vocal animal that symbolizes duality in its colors and nature.
  • Zebra – the black and white of the zebra stripes represent duality.
  • Dingo – these wild dogs are a symbol of duality because they are never truly wild nor domesticated.
  • Bear this mammal is a symbol of duality because it has a good balance of light and dark energy.

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