Symbols for family are naturally occurring figures or manmade emblems that represent the bond of relatives. You may see these symbols and feel at ease, or you can create them to feel closer to your family.

Symbols for Family

10 Symbols For Family in Different Cultures

1. Celtic

The Celtic symbol for family is the Triquetra. The symbol is also the Trinity Knot and symbolizes the three aspects of life – the mind, body, and soul. It represents the unbreakable bond of family.

2. Chinese

The Chinese symbol for family is the phoenix and the dragon. The phoenix represents female energy, and the dragon represents male energy. That is why it is a symbol of marital love and new families.

3. Japanese

The Japanese symbol for family is the Mon. The emblem represents the house and the family that lives in it. Not all Mons are the same, as they work similar to a coat of arms, with each family having their own.

4. Viking

The Viking symbol for family is the Othala. The Othala is a rune from the Nordic culture that means “heritage.”

5. Aztec 

The Aztec symbol for family is the Calli. This emblem means ‘house.’ It is in association with families and represents spending time with family and close friends.

6. African

The African symbol for family is the nkonsonkonson and more. The Adinkra is a group of symbols in Africa. The nkonsonkonson represents human relationships and is one of many that represent family.

7. Egyptian

The Egyptian symbol for family is the rattle. The rattle is a symbol of the deity Bes, who protects families, which is why rattles are gifts for babies, to offer protection and symbolize the blessing to the family.

8. Greek

The Greek symbol for family is the hearth. The heart is the center of the home and often represents Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and family. This symbolism is now standard across the world.

9. Slavic

The Slavic symbol for family is the six-petal rosette. It comes from the god of family, Rod. The overlapping petals are common in homes to protect them from fire and misfortune.

10. Roman

The Roman symbol for family is Rhyton and Patera. They are minor deities, and in this case, the two are guards of the homes of Ancient Roman families.

True Definition of Family

Family is not always the people you are born to live with. Sometimes, family is the people you choose to be part of your life. These people are important to you. There are many ways to honor these people you call family.

Flowers That Symbolize Family

  • Azalea – represents all types of love and is a gift to show love and appreciation.
  • Rose – each color of rose has a different meaning, but all are gifts for family members.
  • Orange Blossom – represents fertility, often used in weddings as a sign of unity.
  • Buttercup – represents the connection that families share, along with many other positive traits.
  • Peony – represents a long and happy relationship, especially in marriage, and can also symbolize honor brought to one’s family.
  • Daisy – a symbol of purity and devotion to one’s family.

Colors That Symbolize Family

  • Brown – brown stands for security in relationships.
  • White – white stands for purity and unconditional care.
  • Blue – blue stands for familial loyalty and harmony.
  • Green – green stands for familial growth and new beginnings.

Which Animal Is A Symbol Of Family?

The elephant is a symbol of family in Africa. Their symbolism is seen worldwide due to the close bonds that elephants share. There are even tales of the elephant being the king of the animal kingdom, with the ability to shapeshift into a human.

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