Symbols of purity represent virtue, cleanliness, and clarity. They help us keep a clean mind, heart, and body. However, the term purity does not have the same definition for everyone because we all have different senses of purity and give different forms of its value.

Symbols of Purity

18 Purity Symbols to Cleanse

1. Snow

Snow is a symbol of purity because of its appearance. “What can make me white as snow?” is a Christian lyric that means, “How can I be purified?”

2. Salt

Salt is a natural symbol of purity. It has natural purification properties that can be used in food, to clean, or in salt baths for the body.

3. Angel

Angels are spiritually pure beings. They live in heaven, free from sin, represented by pure light and goodness.

4. Water

From waterfalls to rain, water is a symbol of purity. It can clean and purify almost anything with natural waters often considered sacred or holy.

5. Silver

Silver is a pure mineral valued in every country. However, it also symbolizes spiritual purity due to its color and the healing properties many once believed it contained.

6. Solid Cloth

A solid white cloth is a symbol of purity. It must be of one material, such as cotton, and is used in many rituals involving purification.

7. Ailm

Ailm is a Celtic symbol of purity. It represents the highest point on the Tree of Life, which is a door to the next world, which is free from sin and impurities.

8. Unicorn

Unicorns are mythical creatures of purity. While other creatures have ill intent and flaws, unicorns are considered rare and free from imperfections, which gives them healing powers.

9. Milk

Milk is a pure substance. It represents purity because it sustains children and is the color white, which also represents purity.

10. Children

Children are major symbols of purity. Their innocence and lighthearted nature inspire adults everywhere to reconnect with their purity.

11. Christ

Christ is the ultimate symbol of purity. Christians believe he is the only man to ever walk this earth free from sin and that his blood is the only way to reach salvation.

12. Fire

Like water, fire can purify. Heat can rid something of germs, but even in a spiritual sense, fire is a symbol of purity used by many religions.

13. Cross

The cross is a Christian symbol of purity. It represents Christ’s sacrifice as well as our gift of purity and new life.

14. Pearl

Pearls are symbols of grace and purity. They are rare and made due to a pure process. In Asia, they represent the human soul and the process it goes through during life.

15. Mary

Mary is the mother of Christ, a symbol of purity. She was chosen due to her purity in a Biblical Sense and remains a symbol to this day.

16. Sun

The sun is a symbol of purity. It is a natural pure symbol in Christianity as it represents Christ, for Native Americans due to its power, and in Ancient Greece because of its connection to Apollo.

18. White

White is the color of purity. This is true in almost every religion and culture.

The color symbolizes purification from sin, pain, and uncleanliness. Whether a white sheet or a white lamb, most people connect color to purity, and with good reason. The color white, ironically, is the hardest to keep clean, yet the one we strive to keep free from blemishes.

Flowers That Symbolize Purity

  • Lotus – these spiritual flowers are the number one flower of purity due to their ability to remain clean in murky waters.
  • Lily a flower of innocence and purity of the Virgin Mary
  • Baby’s Breath – symbolizes innocence and purity
  • White Rose – a universal flower of purity and innocent love

Animal Purity Symbols

  • Lamb – a symbol of Christ and his followers
  • Dove – symbolizes purity and peace
  • Butterfly – a symbol of the transformation of ritual purification
  • Swan pure birds with white feathers and sacred to ancient Greeks who connected the swans to Aphrodite

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