New Beginning

New beginning symbols are emblems that represent starting over a fresh chapter. There are flowers, animals, and ancient symbols that mean new beginnings. They can help you overcome hurdles, let go of the past, and focus on living life to the fullest. 

New Beginning Symbols

10 Universal New Beginning Symbols

1. Phoenix

The phoenix is a legendary creature that rises from the ashes. It comes back to life after each death, often stronger than ever. It is a good emblem of rebirth, encouraging us never to give up or lose sight of who we are.

2. Bennu

Bennu is an Egyptian god associated with creation and rebirth. It is depicted as a type of heron with gold and red feathers, which may be who the phoenix was inspired by. He is also the god of the Sun, another symbol of rebirth.

3. Spring (Equinox)

The spring season is the season of renewal. Many plants sprout in the spring, and activities bring life to the planet again as the weather warms enough for people to get out and gather. 

4. Pinecone

The pinecone symbolizes eternal life. Pinecones contain many seeds that fall to the ground and grow new trees that contain pinecones. So pine trees never die; they are just reborn.

5. Egg

Eggs represent new life; that’s why they are used in the Easter festivities. The day of celebration is a Christian holiday of rebirth and new life that is now enjoyed by the masses who decorate and hide these eggs of new beginnings.

6. Sun and Moon

Both the sun and moon represent new beginnings. The sun begins the day and the moon the night. This balance keeps the world alive, as without either, we would perish.

7. Tree of Life

The tree of life spans many cultures and religions. In each, it represents new beginnings, life, and renewal. So, no matter your beliefs, the tree of life is likely present to give us hope for rebirth.

8. Triquetra

The Triquetra is a Celtic symbol now recognized throughout the world. It represents unity between the land, ocean, and spirit. It symbolizes life, death, and, in turn, rebirth.

9. Triskelion

The triskelion is an ancient symbol associated with eternal life. This trinity symbol of three spirals is also an emblem to represent pregnancy and, thus, new life. Though linked to the Celtic culture, the triskelion has ambiguous origins.

10. Osiris

Osiris is the Egyptian god of death and eternal life. Ancient Egyptians believed that he was the one who flooded the land, fertilizing crops and bringing new life.

What Are New Beginnings?

New beginnings are the start of a chapter in your life. They can be spiritual, emotional, or physical. You can use green to your advantage to remind you of these things by wearing green or surrounding yourself with it in your home.

Which Color Symbolizes New Beginnings And Rebirth?

Green is the color that symbolizes new beginnings. It colors new life in nature and is a spiritual color of new beginnings. It is connected to vitality and fertility.   

Flowers That Symbolize New Beginnings

  • Daffodil – one of the first to bloom and used as a gift for baby showers or new homes
  • Lotus – it begins its life in the mud before emerging through the surface, representing rebirth. 
  • Lily – another spring flower that symbolizes the transition from heaven to earth and can grow almost anywhere
  • Daisy – a springtime flower that represents rebirth

Animal New Beginning Symbols

  • Octopus – they can regrow limbs and transform with camouflage.
  • Bear – they leave during the winter and come back during the spring equinox.
  • Rabbit – the fertile animal represents new life.
  • Starfish – they can regrow their points.
  • Peacock – they can regrow their beautiful, signature feathers.
  • Swan – they begin their life as the “ugly duckling” before turning into gorgeous adults as a sign of renewal.
  • Hummingbird – this bird brings life to the world by pollinating flowers and representing healing.

Tree That Symbolizes New Beginnings

The birch tree symbolizes new beginnings. After a storm, birch trees are among the first to grow back, representing a fresh start and hope for the future. This representation is especially dominant in Celtic culture, where birch trees are a material for maypoles in Gaelic and Samhain festivals.

Which Angel Numbers Are Symbols Of New Beginnings?

Angel numbers 0 and 1 represent new beginnings. If you see either of these in a number, you know something new is in store. Number 0 can also be an amplifier, but the fresh start it adds is almost as strong as the new chapter introduced with 1.

Insects That Symbolize New Beginnings

  • Butterfly – they represent the ultimate transformation and new life to the point of not being recognized as the same creature. 
  • Cicada – they signify the change in weather and only appear every 17 years.
  • Dragonfly – they spend their life in the water and transform as they venture forth.

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