Symbols of harmony are helpful tools to create a more peaceful environment. They often have deep cultural ties and spiritual meanings that represent harmony. But before you wave your symbols of harmony above, it’s important to understand the meaning of harmony.  

Symbols of Harmony

20 Symbols of Harmony and Balance

1. Cornucopia

Cornucopias are symbols of peace in Roman mythology. The harmonious cornucopia is a symbol of Pax, the goddess of peace. The cornucopia is used to share the harvest with united nations and tribes. 

2. Peace Sign

The peace sign is a harmony symbol from the 1960s. It encourages love, empathy, and peace throughout the nations.

3. Cubic Stone

The cubic stone is a symbol of harmony in Arabian society. It represents the goddess of war and peace, Al-Lat. She used the stone as one of her primary symbols with which she was venerated at her shrines. 

4. Three-point Zemi

The three-point Zemi is a symbol of harmony once worshipped along with Yakahu. The god Yakahu was worshipped by the Taino people, who invited peace in their culture.

5. Rain

Rain is a symbol of harmony. It represents the peace that is needed after a disaster and how the absence of violence is a sacred time. 

6. Olive Branch

Olive branches are symbols of harmony in Mediterranean areas. They are particularly tied to the story of the olive branch being a peace token offered to enemies in order to find peace and harmony. 

7. Rainbow Flag

The rainbow is a symbol of harmony and acceptance. It represents love for all mankind without judgment. It even has Christian ties of a promise never to flood the earth with water again.

8. Kauri Tree

The Kauri tree is a symbol of harmony in Maori culture. It is a slow-growing tree that lives a long time and represents the bond between the heavens and the earth. 

9. Mpatapo

Mpatapo is an Adrinka symbol that means peace and harmony. It is represented by a knot with no beginning and end, which represents unconditional love and forgiveness. 

10. Orizuru

In Japan, Orizuru is a symbol of luck and harmony. The rest of the world knows these as origami cranes, with many tales of folding them tied to Japanese history. 

11. Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a symbol of harmony, making it a great Christmas plant. It was once considered sacred and is still a symbol of the Roman festival called Saturnalia, which may be where the tradition of hanging it in doorways came from.

12. Broken Rifle

The broken rifle is a symbol of anti-war associations. It has been around for over a century and continues to be posted throughout Europe as the symbol to fight wars.

13. The V Gesture

The V gesture has long been a symbol of peace. It originally meant victory but has now become a symbol of harmony, peace, and simple life.

14. Peace Bell

The peace bell is a symbol of peace as it was a gift to the United Nations from Japan. It represents the peace and harmony between nations that once seemed impossible. 

15. Pax Cultura

Pax Cultura is a symbol of harmony by the Roerich Pact. This is an international treaty that protects heritage. 

16. Palm Branch

The palm branch is another symbol of harmony similar to the olive branch. It is used to protect, shade, and offer blessings.

17. Yin and Yang

Yin Yang is a well-known harmony symbol. It represents all things of two opposing forces working together to create something beautiful and balanced. It is the perfect representation of dark and light coming together to create something whole. 

18. Bi Nka Bi

Bi Nka Bi is a symbol that means “no one should bite the other.” The Adrinkan symbol is a wonderful symbol of peace and harmony that represents the meaning of the often conceptual word harmony. 

19. Broken Arrow

The broken arrow is a symbol of harmony. It represents the resistance of war, similar to the broken rifle, though the broken arrow is a much older symbol. 

20. The Number 2

The number 2 represents balance and harmony. The reasons for this are quite straightforward, as the duality in the number 2 symbolizes the balance needed to keep harmony in the world.  

Flowers That Symbolize Harmony

  • White Poppy – a pure flower that is worn during Remembrance Day to celebrate harmony
  • Trillium – the flower is a type of lily a symbol of beautiful equilibrium 
  • Cosmos – Native Americans used this pink flower to keep the body harmonized. 
  • Sunflower – a bright flower that symbolizes looking for the best in people

Crystals That Symbolize Harmony

  • Peridot – symbolizes luck, healing, and harmony.
  • Moonstone – a light stone with feminine energy that can help during times of war
  • Angelite – a pure stone that encourages healing and peace
  • Clear Quartz – a crystal that represents clear and pure intentions

Animal Harmony Symbols

  • Dove – a bird of peace and harmony 
  • Boar – this animal is a symbol of prosperity and peace in Nordic culture
  • Lion – it was a symbol of Lydia that represented an alliance between them and Greece
  • Flamingo – this bird is a symbol of harmony due to the way they balance on their leg so gracefully 
  • Bull – the other side of the Greek coins, this one represents Greece

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