Symbols of rebirth are depictions that represent new beginnings and renewal. They are signs and emblems you can use to channel certain energies. Whether you’re honoring the loss of someone or want healing in your life, symbols of rebirth can help.

Symbols of Rebirth

13 Rebirth Symbols To Inspire You

1. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a Greek serpent who represents death and rebirth. It is a snake eating its tail, depicting the circle of life.

2. Lamat

Lamat is the eighth day of the Mayan calendar and a symbol of renewal. It is connected to Venus, which represents fertility, self-love, and rebirth.

3. Spring Season

Spring is the season of new beginnings and rebirth. While plants and animals emerge from hiding, humans see it as a chance to start something new and fresh.

4. Phoenix

Phoenixes are often depicted as immortal beings who spring anew after they die. They are one of the strongest mythical creatures because it is believed that they become even more powerful as they enter each new life.

5. Triquetra

Triquetra is an ancient Celtic symbol of rebirth. It stands for the unbreakable cycle of time and life, the unity of land and sea. It is an immortal symbol used now by many cultures.

6. Water

Water is the element of rebirth. It never dies but is rebirthed as vapor. It has been used as a symbol of renewal and healing with the ability to cleanse since ancient times.

7. Egg

The egg is a symbol of rebirth that we can see. It stands for new life and how something precious can come from what appears insignificant.

8. Osiris

Osiris is an Egyptian god of death. But when something represents death, it often represents new life as well. He is a green god, which adds to the rebirth theory.

9. Eostre

Eostre is a pagan goddess of springtime. She stands for rebirth, fertility, and growth. The gorgeous goddess has flowers in her hair and forest creatures around her.

10. Moon

The moon represents eternity, fertility, and rebirth. The phases of the moon symbolize the phases of life, while the new moon stands for new life.

11. Octagon

Octagons represent rebirth and new beginnings. The number eight is sacred, standing for the heavens and new life in many cultures.

12. Pluto

Pluto is a symbol of rebirth. The Roman deity represents intuition and the circle of life. Considering the planet was once reborn as a dwarf planet, the meaning of renewal is deeper.

13. Snowflake

Snowflakes represent purity and rebirth. Each one is unique but only lasts until it reaches the ground and melts. They merge with the other snowflakes and turn into water.

Flowers That Symbolize Rebirth

  • Daisy – a flower that stands for innocence, purity, and new life.
  • Lotus – this flower of rebirth springs from dirty waters to give itself new life.
  • Tulip – another springtime flower that is peaceful and refreshing.
  • Lily – from calla to rain lilies, most lilies represent springtime and renewal.
  • Honeysuckle – one of the sweetest smelling flowers that represent rebirth.

Animal Rebirth Symbols

  • Snake – these reptiles shed their skins and are often shown in ancient texts as symbols of rebirth.
  • Bearded Dragon – the real-life dragon lizard symbolizes wisdom and rebirth just as the mythical one.
  • Starfish – the sea star represents rebirth because it can regrow limbs and detach them at will.
  • Butterfly – the insect represents rebirth stronger than any other animal because it completely transforms.
  • Hummingbird – this bird is a symbol of rebirth, seen as a healer spirit that god sends to those in need.

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