Symbols of balance represent a state of harmony. They are perfect vessels for balance, allowing you to gift or surround yourself with powerful, harmonious energy. Some symbols overlap, having multiple meanings, so we must know what balance is to find out if that’s the energy we need.

Symbols of Balance

11 Universal Symbols of Balance

1. Equilateral Triangle

The equilateral triangle is a symbol of balance. The triangle with a circle around it represents the body, mind, and spirit. One must pay attention to all three, maintaining balance therein.

2. The Number 2

Two is the number of balance. Each number has a meaning, and 2 is the number that represents balance. It stands for two opposites living in harmony.

3. Double Spiral

The double spiral is a symbol of balance with ancient origins. It represents two forces that are opposite coming together to create harmony.

4. Koi Fish

The Koi fish is originally an Asian symbol that is now a widespread symbol of balance. It represents the male and female energy and how they must unite to find harmony.

5. Tree of Life

The tree of life is a symbol of balance and harmony. Though it has many meanings, the one that always stays reminds us to remain down-to-earth yet connected to our spirituality.

6. Scales

Scales are a common symbol of balance. They represent justice, consideration, and harmony. This may be the most common symbol of balance that all cultures understand.

7. Moon

The moon is a symbol of balance in many ways. It represents femininity in many cultures, which is often a symbol of balance.

8. Yin-Yang

Yin-yang is another Asian symbol of balance that is well-recognized around the world. It divides two forces equally while showing us that a drop of an opposing force can create beauty and harmony.

9. Green

Green is the color that symbolizes balance. It is a color of harmony and growth, representing every living thing. But one of its strongest symbolizations is balance.

10. Bonsai

Bonsai trees are the trees that symbolize balance. Known as the tree of harmony, the bonsai tree is a spiritual symbol that can live for over a century if taken care of.

11. Chives

Chives are the herb that symbolizes balance. They represent harmony and prosperity. When growing, they sprout purple flowers, which grant a positive, harmonious energy to your home.

Flowers That Symbolize Balance

  • Sunflower – representative of balance and harmony, the sunflower spreads joy naturally.
  • Trillium – the flower may be fragile, but they promote emotional balance.
  • Rose – these flowers have many meanings, which only increases the power of the balance they bring.
  • Cosmos – the flower is bright and symmetrical, symbolizing the power of nature to find perfect harmony.

Animal Symbols of Balance

  • Flamingo – these birds literally balance on one leg while resting.
  • Beaver – perhaps the animal with the best work-life balance.
  • Zebra – the black and white of the zebra symbolizes balance in all things.

Ancient Symbols of Balance

  • Ouroboros – the picture of the snake eating its tail symbolizes life and death, the balance of nature.
  • Ganesha – the Hindu symbol of an elephant and elephant god, represents harmony and the importance of balancing the spiritual and physical world.
  • Harmony Symbol – the Native American symbol stands for communication and balance of all living things.
  • Dagaz – this Viking symbol is a rune that translates to day and has the power to bring balance.
  • Endless Knot – the knot of many names is found in many ancient cultures, representing harmony in each one.
  • Dharma Chakra – the wheel of Dharma represents perfect order and balance.
  • Shatkona – the Star of David is a religious symbol that represents the elements and how one must maintain the balance of them.
  • Yanantin – the Andean symbol reminds us to look at similarities to come together rather than focusing on weaknesses and differences.

Crystals For Balance

  • Peridot – a cleansing stone that grants clarity that leads to balance.
  • Moonstone – this crystal represents emotional balance.
  • Fluorite – a beautiful crystal that can grant clarity and balance.
  • Hematite – a grounding stone that can help develop an earthy balance.
  • Quartz – this stone can absorb any type of energy, depending on the type of quartz. Each color represents a type of balance that may benefit you.

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