Symbols of abundance can manifest blessings and help you appreciate them. These symbols will encourage you to appreciate life and find value in your blessings. As you may soon learn, this is one of the true meanings of abundance.

Symbols of Abundance

15 Symbols of Abundance

1. Horseshoe

The horseshoe is a symbol of luck and abundance if turned rightside up. They may have healing properties that can bless those who use them.

2. Acorn

The acorn is a symbol of prosperity for animals such as squirrels. It represents the Celtic culture of fertility and abundance. It symbolizes the process of nurturing our potential to grow into strong, living beings, as the oak tree is one of the strongest trees on earth.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a symbol of prosperity in Asian cultures. It is a feng shui tool for a good flow and to attract abundance, which is popular at the dinner table.

4. Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a horn of abundance. It is common in Western culture during harvest time and is tied to Greek mythology, where the horn was filled when an endless supply of food.

5. Eight

The number eight is the number of abundance that represents endless wealth. It is associated with wealth and prosperity due to its shape, which is similar to the infinity symbol.

6. Maneki-Neko

Maneki-Neko is a white cat of good luck and abundance. The cat is a common symbol of abundance in Eastern Asian stores that offer good luck when businesses are getting started.

7. Jin Chan

Jin Chan is a golden toad of wealth. The toad is a symbolic creature that represents prosperity and is commonly used with Maneki-Neko to bless a business, though never facing the door.

8. Wheel

The wheel represents fortune and favor that never ends. It can be spun to symbolize the ever-turning wheel of fate and how one may be blessed with abundance at any turn.

9. Mystic Knot

The Mystic Knot is a common symbol of abundance and prosperity. It represents the eternal cycle of rebirth and has ties to many cultures and religions.

10. Red Envelope

Red envelopes represent good luck in some cultures. It is said if you carry one on your person, you will attract abundant chi carrying good luck and wealth.

11. Kuber Yantra

Kuber Yantra is a Hindu symbol of prosperity. It is a precious metal plate that is meant to attract an abundance of blessings.

12. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a symbol of abundance in Buddhism. He particularly represents the appreciation one should have for everyday joys.

13. Purple

Purple is the color of abundance and royalty. It means luxury, extravagance, and prosperity. Purple is also a color that Catholics use to cover Jesus Christ’s crosses and other symbols. It represents an action made by Pontius Pilate, who placed purple robes on Jesus to signify mourning. Outside of religion, purple is a color of royalty and power, which have origins in wealth, in general.

14. Money Tree

The Money Tree symbolizes abundance which is where it gets the name. It is a common gift to those who the giver wishes to prosper. Though other trees are “money trees” at times, the original money tree is the pachira aquatica. If the wetland tree isn’t available where you live, the Jade Plant and the Rubber Plant are wonderful alternatives.

15. Lakshmi

Lakshmi is a goddess of abundance. She represents the energy you can put into the world. One may call upon Lakshmi to receive her blessing by inviting her into their home.

Flowers That Symbolize Abundance

  • Sunflower – a bright flower of a wealth of all kinds
  • Peony – a pretty symbol of wealth and abundance that comes in many colors and represents Paeonia, a Greek nymph
  • Orchid – a flower used in Feng Shui for good luck and prosperity in a good home

Crystals That Symbolize Abundance

  • Garnet – unblocks what is keeping you from an abundant life
  • Smoky Quartz – a crystal to help break through limits
  • Adventurine – a lucky crystal that represents monetary wealth
  • Jade – another green stone for monetary abundance
  • Pyrite – a strong stone of pure abundance

Animal Abundance Symbols

  • Koi Fish – a fish that symbolizes wealth and riches as well as an abundance of love
  • Pig – they represent a large number of resources
  • Elephant – the large mammals are symbols of hard work and prosperity gained through it
  • Salmon – another fish of abundance that weathers through storms with determination
  • Horse – a creature that was once considered an expensive mode of transportation

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