Symbols of adventure can help you seize the day. With the stress of everyday life, adventure can be difficult to fit in. But it is an important part of life.

Symbols of Adventure

15 Symbols of Adventure To Take You On A Journey

1. Bridge

Bridges symbolize change, connection, and adventure. They are meant to take you somewhere new and different.

2. Mountains

Mountains have the perfect balance of peace and joy, making us feel small in a good way. They are there for us to enjoy in every way, from the peacefulness of nature they offer to the exciting hike of exploration.

3. Bike

Bikes symbolize a unique adventure. They can take you anywhere that a car can take you but with you more involved in the travel.

4. Compass

The compass is a symbol of adventure because it is only used when away from home. The device is thousands of years old, being used by people who were very likely the first to adventure to certain lands.

5. Sextant

The sextant is the sailor’s GPS that guides it on adventures. It helped the sailors (natural adventurers) detect where on earth they were and could still help if there were technical difficulties on board.

6. Ocean

The ocean is dangerous and vast, with less than ten percent of it explored by humans. It’s one of the main symbols of adventure because it is so unpredictable yet spiritually sound.

7. Telescope

The telescope is a symbol of adventure for those who think big. Look at the stars with the naked eye, and it’s hard not to feel that sense of adventure. But whenever you use a telescope, you may have the urge to travel further than the eye can see.

8. Roads

Roads have always been a symbol of adventure. You can travel anywhere on the same land mass via a road now, but the most exciting adventure is taking the road less traveled, not knowing where it goes.

9. Maze

The maze is a symbol of adventure in the most perfect way. Adventure is about not knowing where you’re going but enjoying it anyway. That’s exactly what labyrinths are for.

10. Airplane

Airplanes are modern symbols of adventure. They can take you anywhere in the world. But the best type of airplane adventure is the one where you choose a random destination or tell someone to surprise you.

11. Footprints

The footprint is a simple symbol of adventure. It takes us back to the type of adventure you take alone to places a road can’t take you.

12. Atlas

An atlas, globe, or map symbolizes adventure. You can see every place you can travel in one place, with the option to close your eyes and choose your destination.

13. Ship

The ship is an exciting symbol of wanderlust. Because with a ship, you can go anywhere, even before planes existed as they were the first means of international travel.

14. Sunstone

Sunstone was the Viking compass for the adventurous people. This makes it a wonderful symbol of adventure especially because no one knows for sure which gem the Vikings called the sunstone.

15. Chariot

Chariots are symbols of adventure in many cultures. Though they once represented a physical adventure, they now stand for a spiritual adventure that takes you to a new place in your mind and soul.

Flowers That Symbolize Adventure

  • Stephanotis – the number one flower of adventure that represents a passion for traveling and happiness
  • Sunflower – a flower of adventure that encourages us to look for the joys in all that we do
  • Mountain Harebell – a mountain flower that is the subject of adventurous poems

Animal Adventure Symbols

  • Dolphin – a sea adventurer that is associated with friendship and fun
  • Albatross – birds that follow fellow adventurers to deliver messages
  • Horse – a versatile animal that loves to run with many mythical tales about adventurous horses

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