Symbols of health are emblems that help people universally find what they need in healthcare systems. They are also symbols you can use in your home to surround yourself with positive vibes and hopefully bring good health to your family.

Symbols of Health in Different Cultures

20 Symbols Of Health

1. The Caduceus

The Caduceus is a modernized symbol of health. It is a staff with wings and two snakes wrapped around it. Though it has ancient roots, the meaning has changed to become a symbol of worldwide healthcare.

2. Rod of Asclepius

The Rod of Asclepius is a Greek and Roman symbol of health. It was used by physicians in ancient times. Because they used snakes in their practices, the symbol consists of a snake wrapped around a staff.

3. Star of Life

The Star of Life is an emergency symbol in America. It is seen on ambulances and emergency rooms. The Star of Life is a six-pointed star with flat points and the Rod of Asclepius in the center.

4. Gourd

The gourd is a common symbol of health in Asian countries. It is a sign of longevity and was once believed to hold an elixir of eternal life.

5. Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is the Egyptian Symbol of Health. It symbolizes Horus’ lost eye, which has healing powers.

6. Nordic Rune for Health

The Nordic rune for health looks like a scythe with a diamond in the middle. It has ancient origins, long representing longevity, health, and protection.

7. Cho Ku Rei

The Reiki Symbol of health is the Cho Ku Rei sign. It represents the unending flow of energy with healing powers. It amplifies any positive power and is often used in medical practices.

8. Hands Holding Brain

The hands holding a brain symbol represents taking care of mental health. It symbolizes being aware of the health of others and proceeding with caution.

9. Serpents

Snakes are the oldest symbol of health. They have Biblical origins, with Moses being one of the most famous to reference them.

10. Heart

The heart is a well-known symbol of health. Though not usually alone, the heart can add new meanings to any emblem, and one of those meanings is healthcare.

11. Red Crescent Moon

Russia is one of the northern European countries that adopted the red crescent moon as a symbol of health. Though it has dark origins, it still sometimes takes the place of the Red Cross.

12. Red Cross

The Red Cross was well-known throughout the world during many wars in the 1800s and 1900s. It has since been a sign of medical care, especially in the military.

13. Shaman’s Hand

The Shaman’s Hand is a Native American symbol of health. Many believe that it represents the Holy Spirit or another higher power. It has pure healing energy.

14. Semicolon

The Semicolon now brings mental health awareness. It is a common tattoo to let others know that you are a safe space and that no one should feel alone. It is often used to honor someone close to the wearer that has struggled with mental health.

15. Ribbon

Ribbons represent a specific type of health. Red ribbons often stand for heart health, while green for mental health. There are dozens of colors, each representing something different.

16.  Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is a symbol of health in many countries. It has ancient and medical origins but is now used to represent an easy-to-understand emblem of health.

17. Dai Ko Myo

The Dai Ko Myo symbol represents the strength to get through health struggles. It appears as a strong and unwavering tower.

18. Shou

The Chinese symbol of health is Shou. This is a medallion-like emblem that represents longevity, often given as gifts to those who you wish well.

19. Red Crystal

The Red Crystal is a post-2000 symbol of health. It was proposed to take the place of the more religious origins of other symbols, allowing inclusivity in healthcare.

20. Sun Face

The sun face is a Zuni symbol of health. It was used to bless crops, people, and the spirit. The complex symbol has old origins but has now become a simple, positive symbol in modern homes.

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