Symbols of love are emblems or organisms that represent love. You may feel the love radiating from these symbols after you learn their meaning.

Symbols of Love

19 Symbols of Love And Passion

1. Ducks

It was long believed that Mandarin ducks mated for life. This is why in China, the Mandarin duck symbolizes lifelong love.

2. Finger Heart

This new symbol of love is believed to be created by actress Kim Hye-soo and popularized by BTS. It can be shown by creating a heart with your forefinger and thumb.

3. Maple Leaf

Japan has many symbols of love, including the Kanji for “ai,” which appears on t-shirts and jewelry worldwide. But a rarer symbol of love in Japan is the maple leaf, which has many stories and folklore behind its meaning.

4. Cats

In Norse mythology, cats represent Freya, a symbol of love. Though she’s the goddess of war, she also represents love and desire. She loved cats, having a pair that Thor gave her to pull her chariot.

5. Zhiva

Zhiva represents fertility, love, and marriage. The simple symbol is ancient, easy to replicate, and still in circulation today.

6. Apple

The apple has long been a symbol of love. It was revered in Ancient Greece as a symbol connected to Aphrodite.

7. Claddagh

The Claddagh is an Irish symbol of love. The symbol is two hands holding a heart. On top of the heart is a crown. Another Celtic symbol for love is the love knot.

8. Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel has four sections, and one section represents love. The seven arrows on the symbol are similar to the seven chakras.

9. Anahata

One Buddhist symbol of love is Anahata, which represents the fourth primary chakra. This charka is the heart chakra.

10. Ladybug

In many Asian cultures, the ladybug represents luck and love. The true origins of this are unknown, but the tales have spread worldwide.

11. The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra symbolizes power, love, and fury. But this is often turned into passion and desire. It is not a representation of any of the other seven loves, only the passionate one.

12. Cupid

The Roman god of love is Cupid, which is similar to the Greek god Eros. The type of love associated with Cupid is romantic and/or lustful love.

13. Osram Ne Nsoromma

The love symbol Osram Ne Nsoromma means “moon and star.” It symbolizes love and the faithfulness of marriage.

14. Hands

The Victorian fascination with clasped hands was due to the loyalty and fidelity it once represented. The hands are often marriage hands or simply hands of friendship.

15. Jasmine

Jasmine is an Indian symbol of love, beauty, and purity. The flowers are small, white, and modest, yet give off an incredible scent.

16. Kokopelli

In some Native American cultures, Kokopelli is seen as a fertility deity. He often takes part in marriage rituals.

17. Mongko

In Hopi law, Mongko represents love and harmony. It represents the highest spiritual power, often depicted with horns, wood, feathers, and corn.

18. Dove

The dove has represented peace, love, and God’s promises since before Jesus. It is still an important emblem in Christianity.

19. Eternal Lovers

In Taino culture, a Puerto Rican native culture, two birds represent eternal lovers. They represent love and respect for all living things.

Flower Symbols of Love

  • Rose – represents passionate love.
  • Tulip – represents perfect love.
  • Carnation – represents the love you’re thankful for.
  • Sunflower – represents adoring love.
  • Daisy – represents innocent love.

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