Grace symbols can grant you favor and peace. The divine gift of grace is waiting for people in almost every religion. Its purpose is to give us freedom from the burden of sin whether we deserve it or not. Symbols of grace remind us of this every day.

Grace Symbols

13 Symbols Of Divine Grace

1. Ocean

The ocean is one of the largest symbols of grace. It may be unpredictable, but the motion of the ocean is a wonderful representation of the emotions tied to grace.

2. Cross with Heart

The cross with a heart is a popular Christian symbol of grace. It stands for Christ’s gift of love, which was given to us through God’s grace, and it is by this grace alone that we can be saved.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is a symbol of certain types of grace. They represent the sustaining and enduring grace of God. There are so many tales of bamboo and its symbolism, with many of them tying back to grace.

4. Grace Rune

The Norse rune Þokki represents grace and charm. It is a popular rune that reminds us to be kind, patient, and resilient no matter how difficult life gets. Always offer yourself grace just as you do others.

5. Double Triangle

Two stacked triangles are a Pagan symbol of grace. This shows that not all types of grace must be religious. The two triangles here represent grace in both a feminine and masculine nature.

6. Rainbow

Rainbows are symbols of grace. They are a promise from God and now an all-inclusive symbol telling us that God’s grace is available for everyone.

7. Hand Holding Heart

The hand holding a heart is a symbol of grace. It represents the gift Christ gave us and how it was done through love and grace.

8. Key

The key is a symbol of grace because it opens a gift. We’re all given keys at the age of accountability, yet we don’t always open the gift of grace for many years.

9. Pearl

Pearls are rare symbols of grace. They form naturally in clams and oysters yet look as if they were beautifully factory-made. This is the beauty of grace formed for each and every one of us.

10. Infinity

The infinity symbol is the sign of everlasting grace. Once in grace, always in grace is a popular phrase perfectly represented by this symbol.

11. Snowflake

The snowflake is a fragile and unique symbol of grace. Each one is different, just as each gift of grace is meant especially for one of us.

12. Spiral

Spirals are mysterious symbols of grace. It shows the everlasting and evolving nature of grace given to us and how mesmerizing the feeling of freedom and forgiveness can be.

13. Sun

The sun is a bright symbol of grace. If there’s anything in the universe you can’t ignore, it’s the sun. It was once worshipped and believed to be a god, but now represents life, warmth, and divine grace.

Flowers That Symbolize Grace

  • Lavender – has the same meaning that the color does, with added effects due to the scent
  • Lotus – a powerful flower of all good things, including beauty and grace
  • Marigold – a symbol of grace with sacred ties in India

Animal Grace Symbols

  • Swan – the epitome of grace is found in such a bird
  • Gazelle – a graceful animal born to run with refinement
  • Cat – a universally graceful feline that does everyone with grace
  • Dove – a natural symbol of purity and grace with tales dating back thousands of years
  • Otter – a sweet mammal with empathy for other otters and a type of peace akin to grace and mercy
  • Peacock – a graceful bird with healthy pride and dignity that shows another side of grace

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