Symbols of lust can help you explore your desires while taking control of your feelings. But, in general, lust is a deadly sin that can only lead to suffering once the initial rush wears off. 

Symbols of Lust

8 Lust Symbols to Control Your Desires

1. Wine

Wine and grapes can represent lust. It is often called a love potion, having ties back to ancient Greece and the god Eros and the goddess Venus.

2. Lips

Lips are a symbol of lust in art. When drawn alone, especially partially open, they represent seduction and lustful desire.

3. Asmodeus

Asmodeus is a demon of lust and one of the seven princes of hell. He represents the deadly sin of lust and is known to have control over it, spreading it to humanity.  

4. Apple

Apples are a symbol of lust and the fruit most connected to it. It is often called the forbidden fruit, as it was once believed to be the fruit from the Tree of Life. The apple is also connected to lust in many fairy tales and mythology. 

5. Himeros

Himeros is a Greek god of lust. He is a god of unrequited love, which often results in lust rather than the quest for true love, where two people share a fondness for each other rather than a desire.

6. Nikuyoku

Nikuyoku is a Jpanase smybol of lust. It represents the goddess of lust as well as the Kanji symbol for sin.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate is a symbol of lust due to it being an aphrodisiac. It can boost desire and has been known to do so since ancient times.

8. Hathor

Hathor is an Egyptian goddess of feminity and lust. Though she can represent love, she is more often connected to lustful desire, which is why she is sometimes represented by a cow.

Flowers That Symbolize Lust

  • Red Rose – a symbol of both romance and lust
  • Orchid – a romantic flower associated with luxury and desire
  • Hydrangea – represents gratitude and lust
  • Peony – king of flowers in China, associated with lust and desire
  • Lily – the Calla Lilies are especially connected to lust 
  • Iris – flower associated with the Greek goddess of rainbows, Iris 

Crystals That Symbolize Lust

  • Agate – helps you build confidence in love
  • Rose Quartz – a loving stone that can be used to control desires
  • Garnet – helps create deep connections in intimacy 
  • Amethyst – a common stone for reaching higher love
  • Tiger’s Eye – helps you take control of your desires
  • Black Tourmaline – a dark stone that helps you connect with your body

Animal Lust Symbols

  • Goat – symbolizes many sins, including lust
  • Scorpion – a sign of lustful personalities and weaknesses
  • Cow – a symbol of feasts and unclean love  

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